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We thrive off the thrill of watching a good story unfold…anything that can ease our insatiable thirst for any form of motion picture telling a story of some sort. We seek to promote and encourage all forms of audio visual arts, be it film or stage plays. We stay committed to serving you with regular satisfying updates of movies/films/documentaries/animations among others, from home or across the globe.

GMF team is into promoting the culture of patronizing cinemas and motion picture productions.

We value good movies.

We are movie lovers, we are Ghanaians!

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Tony Asankomah

Second on my list of addictions is Movies.. the only thing I could possibly love more is my Dearest Waakye lol. Nothing else does a better job of reminding me that ANYTHING is possible with the right amount of effort. I have great eye for details and flaws in scripts. Shallow scripts bore me. I am an avid reader.

Your everyday Mr Nice guy. Always the last to speak in a room full of smart people. Half Human, half Martian but full MOVIE FREAK.

Favorite Movie of all time… Scarface 1983

The world is yours.

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Kukua Sakyi Adade

I am a huge fun of drama, whether faked or in its reality. Well my mirror makes it easier, whispering always “Best Actress of the Year”. My passion for movies and play dates back to my infantile roles seeing no effort in its outburst and development.
Scrutiny of scripts and accuracy of lines is nature to me. I pursue humor to the letter ‘r’ and chase after quality.

My most cherished hobby is playing with words.
Favorite movie is yet to be produced but I do know that I would definitely find myself on set one day.

The best is not too far from here..

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Lewis Opoku

I am a sucker for Adventure, Fantasy and Mythical stories all day long. A decedent of Jon Snow or maybe even Dumbledore.  I am an Aficionado as far as Harry Potter or Game of Thrones is concerned. Just can’t have enough of them. I look out for good mind-blowing visual effects, daring stunts and CGI graphics.

I am passionate about soundtracks (film score) as they encompass all the emotions behind a scene/great movie..though it may be subtle to the viewers ear, I hear it all. Well that’s what I look out for in great movies…

“A moviefreak I am”

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