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“It’s a whole new ball game”: Shirley Frimpong-Manso on ENO S2, now streaming on Showmax.



The long-awaited second season of the hit Ghanaian drama series ENO is now streaming on Showmax, with new episodes releasing every Thursday.

Directed by Shirley Frimpong-Manso and produced by Ken Attoh, ENO S2 sees Gloria Osei-Sarfo’s Abena grapple with her authoritarian past and the repercussions it has had on her daughters. Her newfound peace is shattered when her ex-husband’s estranged daughter makes a dramatic entrance into their lives.

Emelia Asiedu and Esi Hammond also return alongside John Dumelo, Michael Katahena, Godwin Namboh, Michelle Hammond, Brian Angels, Dela Seade and Kabutey Ocansey, with Darlyn Adu-Gyamfi, Melvin DK Asinyo, and Kwame Dzokoto Amanda Jissih joining the cast.

We caught up with the director, Shirley, who shared more about what viewers can expect in the brand-new season.

What has been the most exciting thing about working on ENO S2?

The cast mainly. Everybody brought their A game, and they did this from the bottom of their souls. This season, I’m telling a different story but staying true to the characters’ core values. It’s important for the viewers to still recognise their favourite characters but enjoy a different path of storytelling from them.

With some new characters being introduced this season, what does this mean for the story and who should viewers be wary of as the troublemaker(s)?

I am particularly excited to introduce another important member of the ENO family: Nana Akua, who joins ENO S2 as Abena’s estranged husband’s daughter. She is the ultimate troublemaker this season. She kicks up quite a storm and it’s great to see how the other sisters rally around her to get some of her action. Also, there’s an introduction of a very powerful rich family, the Prempehs. They are hilarious and big doers, mimicking the unique Ashanti style of success. Viewers are in for a real treat.

Mariam Owusu Poku, who was a big part of the story, isn’t coming back for Season 2. Was this a personal decision on her part that forced you to write her out or was it always part of the story?

It was a personal decision. It seemed like a problem in the beginning but it allowed me to explore an even more exciting storyline. I think people are going to love how we weave her absence into the new story direction.

Looking at how the show has progressed from Season 1 to Season 2, who has been the most interesting character to develop and direct?

I’d say Tessa, who’s played by Emelia Asiedu. She starts from being almost afraid of what life has to offer to taking life by the horns. She becomes assertive, and her challenges invigorate her.

Abena’s relationship with her daughters has certainly changed. Should we still expect her to have the upper hand in Season 2 or has she learned her lesson about meddling in her daughters’ lives?

Oh, Abena learns many lessons in Season 2, including the arrival of Nana Akua. This changes the dynamics for her. We’ll see her going through the journey of unlearning some of her own life lessons.

Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger with the girls finding out the mysterious helper in their lives is actually their estranged father. How should we expect their relationship with him to change?

It’s a whole new ball game in Season 2 with the girls and their father. They each develop a unique relationship with him but even he learns that abandoning the girls for this long has its repercussions.

What about his influence on Abena’s life?

After many years of his being absent in her life, Abena is not about to roll over and let Bessa take over parenting from her, even as he tries his best. It’s a rollercoaster ride with this pair, and right from episode one they hit the ground running.

What does this new season hold for lovebirds Safowaa and Junior?

Every relationship goes through its tumultuous stage. Unfortunately for this pair, their love story becomes crazier. This is because the love is strong but their pride is even more fragile.

What about John Dumelo’s Chris? Do you think there’s any redemption for him with his brotherhood involvement or even with Tessa?

Chris makes a surprise return, with many twists and turns. The brotherhood never forgets. The season finale embodies that warning to the core.

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