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April Communications Readies to Stage Bukom



April Communications Ltd comes to you with their second stage production this year on the 11th of November titled Bukom.

The play is a comic adaptation of Bill Marshall’s story set in the 1970’s on the streets of Bukom an indigenous Go town in Accra. It brings insight into how the people live in a comic manner.

Ataa Kojo is satisfied to have won a gold tiepin for twenty-five years of loyal service to an European trading firm and to his family. At his age he has not done badly at all.  He would be completely satisfied with a modern toilet in his home but the City Council says he needs a permit to undertake construction works.

The play feature great talents, comedic actors Jeneral Ntatiah, Clemento Suarez, Chapman Quayson and Pearl Darkey.

The play promises to be hilarious and entertaining with a good dose of nostalgia for the older folks.

BUKOM shows at the National theater on Saturday 11/11/17.

Time: 4pm & 7pm

Rate: Gh¢ 50

Tickets start selling on Wednesday 11/10/17. Call 0268395441 for ticket enquiries and delivery.


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