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Documentary Review: ‘Heaven Rain Flows Sweetly’ – A Cinematic Tapestry of Lijiang’s Transformation.



Heaven Rain Flows Sweetly,” a captivating documentary by the talented writer and director Shasha Li, is an artistic exploration of environmental and cultural changes in her hometown of Lijiang, China. The film goes beyond the conventional documentary format, infusing it with a poetic and personal touch that makes it stand out in the genre.

Li‘s directorial style is truly artsy, evident in the film’s visual composition and narrative structure. The documentary unfolds like a series of carefully curated still images, each frame a testament to Li’s skilful use of her film camera. The result is a visually stunning portrayal of Lijiang‘s transformation, from a humble country village to a bustling tourist destination. The imagery, reminiscent of a coffee-table photography book, brings historical moments to life, turning the documentary into a visual feast for the audience.

What sets “Heaven Rain Flows Sweetly” apart is Shasha Li‘s ability to infuse the film with a deeply personal narrative. As both the writer and director, Li skillfully weaves her own life story into the broader fabric of societal and environmental changes. The film becomes a poetic journey, tracing her footsteps from years spent in Oregon to the heart of her Nakhi heritage in Lijiang. Li’s intimate connection to the subject matter is palpable, making the documentary feel like a personal diary shared with the audience.

Li‘s role extends beyond the camera; she is also the voice in the narration, seamlessly blending English with her native tongue. This linguistic blend adds authenticity and a layer of cultural richness to the film. Li’s poetic narration serves as a guide, offering insights into her Nakhi heritage and expressing heartfelt concerns for the future of her people. The bilingual narration creates a unique atmosphere, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the cultural nuances and emotional depths of the story.

The impact of tourism and gentrification on Lijiang unfolds through Li’s eyes, and her disappointment with the changes adds a poignant layer to the narrative. The documentary effectively captures the environmental consequences of China’s industrialization, highlighting the struggles of farmers facing rising heat levels and shifts in agricultural practices.

Heaven Rain Flows Sweetly” is not just a documentary; it’s a beautiful and poignant reflection on the passage of time. Li’s artistic approach to storytelling, combined with her personal narrative and bilingual narration, creates a cinematic experience that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of the genre. It’s a testament to Shasha Li’s filmmaking prowess and her ability to make a universal issue deeply personal and profoundly moving.

I would score this documentary film out of 5 stars


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