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Kelechi Eke set to release “Ihemba” – Documentary film capturing his Chieftaincy coronation in Imerienwe Ancient Kingdom.



A Documentary film titled “Ihemba” is set to be released, recounting the remarkable journey of Chijindu Kelechi Eke, recently crowned as Ichie Ihemba 1 of Imerienwe Ancient Kingdom.

The film explores Kelechi’s profound love for his people, unwavering dedication to community development, and his passionate efforts to preserve and celebrate their rich culture.

The documentary films delves into Kelechi’s journey, starting from his roots in the United States as a filmmaker and the founder of The African Film Festival, Taff, Dallas Texas. 

Through powerful storytelling, “Ihemba” also captures Kelechi’s declaration that his humanitarian work isn’t fueled by desire for political favors or accolades but by a genuine commitment to selfless service.

“Ihe” meaning Light and “mba” meaning Community, “Ihemba” signifies the embodiment of these principles in the life of Chijindu Kelechi Eke. The documentary details how his kingsmen reciprocated love and support, testifying that Ichie Ihemba is indeed a guiding Light to his community.

The film written and directed by Chijindu Kelechi Eke himself, presents the grand chieftaincy coronation ceremony where he was bestowed with the prestigious title by Eze Augustine Uwadiegwu Ekechi, the traditional ruler of Imerienwe. The vibrant celebration witnessed the entire village of Amafor rejoicing, with drums rolling and festivities filling the air. Kelechi, 

“Ihemba” encapsulates the significance of the “Ichie Ihemba” title, earned by Kelechi through his impactful initiatives, including the installation of solar street lights in 2022 and the enhancement of community security.

Kelechi’s reflections in the documentary are sure to echo his commitment to service, emphasizing that recognition, such as the United States President Award and being listed among the 50 Most Influential people in his state, only serve as motivation to do more by God’s Grace. 

The film hopefully serves as and impactful docuemntation of culture unveiling the impact of “Ichie Ihemba” on the Imerienwe Ancient kingdom. Whilst also portraying Kelechi Eke as a true beacon of light, symbolizing hope, community, and cultural preservation.

Ihemba” will be released later this year.

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