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Movie Review: God’s Not Dead 2014 *What is your believe?*



Honestly I have never been a fun of Christian movies. Not that I am against them but I have always felt the acting to be too mediocre and substandard (Except The Passion of the Christ)…this thought being based on the few Christian Drama movies I have seen. I didn’t know what to expect from this movie but its title is what caught my attention and made me want to know what it was all about. (I would do my best to stray from giving of any spoilers)

God’s Not Dead

A college philosophy professor’s curriculum is challenged by one of his new students who happens to disagree with his disbelief of the existence of God.

The story pits a young college student with unshakable faith in God against an atheist professor who based on an event in his past no longer thinks God exists as the underlining plot. There are about five back stories that are all in a way connected to main plot.  I feel the writers did a good job finding a way to link all these back stories together. If it was just the underlining plot the movie I am sure would have ended long before 113mins.

Like most of the Christian movies I have seen, acting was mediocre but all the lead characters I believe did their best in portraying the roles they had been tasked to play. The only familiar face to me is Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) who plays the role of the atheist Prof Radisson. It also boasts of cameo appearances from Willie Robertson and Christian rock band Newsboys.

What I like most about this movie was how attention was given to other schools of thought, particularly science in making arguments as to whether God exists or not. Some great minds where mentioned and quoted and for me that was a big plus. So if you pay attention you might end up actually learning a thing or two.

Devoid of my own personal religious believes what I did not like most about this movie was that it was a bit too one sided and stereotypical. This you would only notice if you pay close attention to the back stories that supported the underlining plot. (No Spoilers) You would have to watch and figure this one out for yourself.

For any Christian or any one who believes in the existence of God this is exactly the movie you need to see to remind you of your faith and help revive your hope and believe in the Almighty creator.

I would score this movie 4.5/10 because regardless of the substandard acting  it did keep me seated and interested for the whole of 113mins. No wonder its estimated budget of $2,000,000 US has yielded a gross profit of $60,753,735 US as at August 1st, 2014.

If I should be very honest, I would say this movie did a good job of reminding me of faith in God and His existence. I have no doubt that God’s Not Dead.Godsnotdeadposter

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