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New Ghanaian Film ‘Ato Kwabena’ by Elorm Condobery Explores Labadi’s Realities and Resilience, Set for October Release.



Ato Kwabena,’ an upcoming Ghanaian film set in the historic neighbourhood of Labadi, Accra is ready and set for its October release.

The film is set in present-day Labadi but pays homage to the history of one of Accra, Ghana’s capital’s oldest neighbourhoods. Loosely based on true events, the film reflects the harsh realities of life in these communities.

The story centres on a young boy whose sister is kidnapped by neighbourhood criminals, prompting him to embark on a perilous mission to rescue her. With few resources and little means to defend himself, his journey plunges him into a treacherous descent into danger.

Ato Kwabena‘ marks the directorial debut of Elorm Condobery, an alumnus of the Los Angeles Film School. The US-based Ghanaian returned home and founded his production company, ‘Labadi Entertainment,’ to tell authentic stories that depict events often unreported in such areas and communities considered as domestic.

In a statement shared with this publication, Elorm describes this film as a “classic good triumphs over evil story.”

For Elorm Condobery, this film project reaffirms his connection to Ghana, which he still considers his home. “We shot the entire film in the very neighbourhood where I grew up, using the native language of the tribe to maintain authenticity. This choice was crucial in conveying the genuine mannerisms and interactions of the community members,” he shared.

The film’s lead protagonist, young actor Emmanuel Nartey, and its antagonist, Alphonse Menyo, are both originally from the neighbourhood where the film is set. What started as one man’s passion project became an entire community’s labour of love with the blessings of the local chief. The film also stars Princess Yayra Quaye, Tyronne Dorothy Carboo, Awudu Adamu, Joseph Hergurson and Richard Frimpong ( Made in Ghana ).

“This film is my directorial debut, and it demanded immense passion and dedication to ensure the story was told accurately. The process was a significant learning curve, both professionally and personally,” he recalled.

Ama K. Abeberese, Elorm Condobery and Kuukua Eshun.

However, the project is far from being handled by a novice. Filmmakers Ama K. Abebrese and Kuukua Eshun contributed as producer and creative producer, respectively. Between them are years of experience and skill, particularly in the understanding of film production on the Ghanaian scene. The two previously collaborated on several projects, including the 2021 short film ‘Made in Lagos,’ the visual for Wizkid’s Grammy-nominated album of the same title.

“It wasn’t an easy journey, but with the support of a committed crew, cast members, and community leaders, we brought this story to life. I hope that ‘Ato Kwabena’ will shed light on these important issues and resonate with audiences around the world,” he added.

With themes surrounding family values, bravery, and survival, ‘Ato Kwabena‘ is poised to take viewers on a unique cinematic journey. will bring you more details concerning the official release of this film in the coming weeks.

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