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Short Film Review – “Get You Better” – Addiction, Desperation and Love.



Get You Better” offers a compelling and emotionally charged narrative that explores the complexities of addiction, love, and desperation. Written and directed by Danica Jensen, the film tells the story of a couple whose relationship is being troubled by alcohol addiction.

In the film, Devin finally takes her estranged boyfriend, Wesley, to a treatment centre for alcoholism. The centre refuses to admit Wesley as a patient since he is not drunk.

In a desperate move, Devin takes Wesley to the nearest bar with a rather radical plan to get him drunk enough so that he will allowed to be checked into a treatment centre. But Wesley insists he can get sober on his own and doesn’t need to be locked away in some kind of centre for treatment. With the span of a few hours, their love for each other is tested as is Wesley’s questionable sobriety and resolve not to drink.

The film opens with Devin at the front desk of the rehab center, while Wesley paces frantically outside, unwilling to come in yet. The center’s rules state that a person cannot be admitted if they are sober or clean, presenting the first major obstacle and setting the stage for the emotionally intense journey that follows.

Danica Jensen in Get Better (2024)

Danica Jensen also plays the role of Devin in this film. It is commendable how she wrote, directed and also stars as the lead in this short film. She presents Devin as a character who’s firm and stubborn, clearly wanting what is best for her boyfriend but not convinced that he has his alcoholism under control. Her performance subtly reveals a controlling side to Devin, demonstrating the complex dynamics in their relationship.

Baldur Thor stars opposite her as Wesley. He too delivers a very convincing performance with his depiction of a man struggling with alcoholism. He strongly conveys the mental battle of his character, Wesley, particularly in those moments where Wesley looks at a drink with a drink with both desire and disdain. The internal struggle against his inhibitions is palpable.

The on-screen chemistry between Jensen and Thor is exceptional, showcasing their deep understanding of their characters and the emotional nuances of the story. As the narrative progresses, we witness their relationship’s intense emotional journey, revealing layers of love, frustration, and desperation.

From a production standpoint, “Get You Better” is flawless for a short film. The cinematography and sound design are well-executed, enhancing the emotional depth of the narrative. Logan Floyd, the Director of Photography, captures some impressive shots that convey the emotional struggles of both Devin and Wesley. It’s the kind of visual storytelling that does not seem complex in any way but complements the script, emphasizing the inner turmoil of the characters.


Baldur Thor in Get Better (2024)

The film’s 20-minute runtime feels adequate for the story it tells. Within this time frame, we get to know Devin and Wesley, understand their relationship, and grasp the magnitude of Wesley’s struggle with alcoholism. The pacing is well-managed, ensuring that each moment is impactful and contributes to the overall narrative.

As the film concludes, it leaves a lasting impression of the compelling and emotionally charged narrative that delves into the complexities of addiction, love, and desperation. The story is equally thought-provoking and heart-wrenching.

I would score “Get You Better4 out of 5 stars. It is a decent short film that handles its heavy themes with grace and authenticity.

If this short were ever developed into a feature, I do not doubt that it would be an equally good watch, with additional layers of a well-nuanced emotional journey.

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