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Debut Production ‘EVOR’ Tackling Domestic Abuse Earns Official Selection on TAFF 2024 Lineup.



Ghanaian film “EVOR” has achieved a significant milestone by securing an Official Selection at The African Film Festival (TAFF) 2024 in Texas. The film, which delves into the sensitive topic of domestic abuse, marks the debut production of actress-turned-producer Sitsofe Tsikor under production company Rainbow Productions.

In an announcement posted on her social media, Sitso shared the exciting news about the film’s official selection. Accompanying the post was an updated poster for “EVOR,” featuring the laurel and the caption “We woke up to such good news #evor.

EVOR” narrates the story of Dela, who faces a potential 20-year prison sentence for the death of her partner, Kojo. The film explores Dela’s journey as she confronts her past trauma to expose the tragic cycle of abuse and societal indifference. 

The title “EVOR” is derived from the Ewe language, translating to “It is Finished,” symbolizing the emphatic end of a significant situation.

In an interview with, earlier this month, Sitsofe expressed, “EVOR is a work of art that we have put our hearts and backs into. We have made a film that would go a long way to change people’s thoughts, and we can’t wait for you all to see it.” She also urged audiences to ensure they watch the film upon its release, emphasizing that it would be worth their time.

Featuring an ensemble cast of talented Ghanaian actors, including Adjetey AnangBrian AngelsFred Amugi, Pascaline Edwards, Abeiku Santana, Myna OtooNaa Ashokor Mensah-Doku, and others, “EVOR” is set to premiere at Silverbird Cinemas on Wednesday, March 6, 2023

Further details regarding tickets and showtimes will be announced soon.

TAFF, celebrating its 9th year, focuses on films and arts that promote African culture, address issues affecting Africa and people of African descent, or explore African landmarks and historic leaders. The 2024 edition of TAFF will take place in Dallas, Texas, from June 20th to June 23rd.

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