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Lights, Camera, Advocacy: Sitsofe Tsikor Discusses ‘EVOR’ and Tackling Domestic Abuse Through Film.



Introducing the powerhouse behind the lens and in front of the camera, is thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with the multi-talented Ghanaian actress, Sitsofe Tsikor. Renowned for her captivating performances on screen, Sitso takes us on an intimate journey into her world as she delves into the motivations that propelled her from a decade-long acting career to the challenging yet rewarding realm of film production. 

With her debut project, “EVOR,” poised for release, Tsikor shares the personal anecdotes, creative inspirations, and unforeseen challenges that shaped the making of this poignant film. 

Join us as we unravel the layers of Sitso‘s artistic evolution, exploring her passion for storytelling, commitment to authenticity, and the profound impact she envisions “EVOR” will have on audiences.

It’s an insightful conversation that sheds light on the making of a film that not only reflects the complexities of real-life stories but also marks a significant milestone in her burgeoning career as a producer.


1. Can you share a bit about your background in acting and what motivated you to venture into film production?


I have been acting for over a decade now, as a young girl I wanted to read news on TV. But God has His plans. I had an opportunity to audition for something at the time and I loved it so that’s how I found myself interested and going for more auditions.

Even though I have a degree in Marketing from Central University, I also took an acting course at CityVarsity in Johannesburg. I have also taken some online courses and any learning material I can lay my hands on, I take advantage of it. Aside, from that I have learnt a lot on the job making mistakes and correcting them.


2. How did your experience as an actor influence your decision to produce a film?


Well basically because of my interest as an actor, to know the back stories of the characters I play it made me somehow enjoy listening to and thinking about stories and trying to figure out why people are who they are. Which I have come to realize forms the spine of every story. 


3. What inspired you to take on the role of a producer for this particular project?


EVOR is a true life story which is very close to home for me so it only felt natural that it would be the first film I thought of making as a venture into a completely new role as producer while adding to the continuous growth of our industry.


4. Can you walk us through the journey from the idea of the film to its production? What challenges did you encounter?


Well like I’ve already said, EVOR is close to home for me, so it started as me narrating the story to a dear friend of mine who asked if I’ve considered making a documentary film about the subject matter. That question triggered the creative juices in me. As an actor, I immediately thought, “Why not film?”

So I proceeded to find a writer and the rest is what we now have as EVOR

As for challenges, there were a lot but I have learnt that it’s part of the journey so I won’t want to dwell on that for now.


5. As a first-time producer, what were some unexpected challenges you faced during the process of making this film?


There were lots of unexpected challenges for sure as there are with anything new you attempt. But all of that is in my rearview mirror for now. 


6. How did you balance your role as a producer while also starring in this film?


Hmm, let’s just say it was not the easiest thing in the world. Even though I had engaged and entrusted someone to handle stuff for me, I still found myself having to go over everything. I would overthink at the end of the day’s work and have to plan what we needed to get done the next day. You can say it was a filmmaking-a-thon which lasted several days even after we had wrapped up shooting. 

7. Were there moments when your perspective as an actor conflicted with your responsibilities as a producer, and how did you navigate that?


Oh yes, there were lots of moments like that. But one thing that guided me was that I was yearning to tell the story as honestly as I could whilst making sure the film’s essence remained intact. 


8. Can you share a memorable collaboration moment or success story from the production?


One that stands out for me was when we had scheduled a day to shoot our hospital scenes and an actor had bailed on us that day because he was ill.  The fact that we needed a new baby for the scene and no one had delivered at the hospital that day. So we had to reschedule that entire day’s work to another. The said actor still didn’t show up on the rescheduled day, so my producer who also happens to be the writer and I had to think on our feet to make a few changes to the scene. Fortunately for us also, a woman had delivered at the hospital that morning and she was gracious and kind enough to allow us to have the baby she had just delivered for the scene. I remember thinking to myself in that moment and even now, what a moment of pure serendipity that was.


9. Tell us a little bit about “EVOR” and what it is about.


EVOR is a story of domestic abuse told mostly from the point of view of the abused. Most people always ask the abused, “But why did you stay?, Why don’t you leave?”. They forget that many elements shape a person’s resolve and thinking patterns and these influence the victim’s reasons and choices. 

So through this film, I am attempting to get people to take a look at things from the victim’s perspective so as not to be in a haste to be one-sided when it comes to matters of domestic abuse. Society too can be a hindrance and this film explores all of that.


10. Were there any specific themes or messages you aimed to convey through this film?


I sought to simply say that silence can’t save you. The film has themes of empowerment, forgiveness and revenge. But interestingly, its biggest message is something I would love for the audience to figure out for themselves. I believe that would make them appreciate the film more.


11. What lessons did you learn that you wish you had known before starting the production?


I feel all the lessons I learnt I would not have had if I had not attempted making this film. So I’m grateful I dared to try.


12. With the film done and ready to be seen by the masses, what impact do you hope it will have on audiences?


I hope the audience more than anything goes on this journey and sees things through a different lens than the usual judgmental blame-shifting and stereotyping point of view. I also hope that young ladies especially learn a thing or two from this film to serve as a guiding light as they go through the journey of life. 




13. Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently, or any advice you would give to your past self at the beginning of this journey?


Oh yes, there is a lot I would have done differently but this is where we are now. I’ll not dwell on those for now. Any lessons learnt will certainly go a long way in helping me do better in my next production. But for now, I am confident in the work we have put in EVOR.

14. What is the future for ‘EVOR? And for you are a producer?


EVOR is a work of art as we know and that makes it subjective. So I am hoping that many people appreciate it and that it gets seen by many more people. As a producer, I’ll continue to tell meaningful stories that are true to who we are as humans. Stories that would also provoke the thoughts of many and cause change. And like the saying goes there are different sides to a story. So I am going to try to make the stories I chose to tell more relatable and project who we are as a people and from several perspectives that are equally meaningful. 


15. In conclusion, for you, what has been the most rewarding aspect of making this film and making that bold step of venturing into the role of producing? 


The most rewarding aspect of this entire journey would be the lessons it’s taught me as a person and the various dimensions of myself that it has shown me. I can confidently say, that I have caught the producer bug and I have caught it well. I am excited about the future and what more I have in store for cinema lovers.


16. Any final words for the audience who are waiting to see this film?


EVOR is a work of art that we have put our hearts and backs into. We have made a film that would go a long way to change people’s thoughts and we can’t wait for you all to see it. Do make sure you see it when it’s released and it would be worth your time.


As we eagerly anticipate the official release of “EVOR,” Sitsofe Tsikor‘s inaugural venture into film production, remains committed to keeping you informed about the latest updates on this groundbreaking project. 

Sitso’s journey from actress to producer has not only unfolded a powerful narrative on domestic abuse but has also revealed the depth of her artistic prowess. With lessons learned, challenges conquered, and a newfound passion for storytelling, she invites audiences to witness the fruits of her labor. 

Stay tuned for more exclusive insights and behind-the-scenes glimpses as we approach the highly anticipated release of “EVOR” this year. 

It’s an honest cinematic experience that promises to challenge perspectives and leave an indelible mark on the world of Ghanaian cinema.



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