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GhMoviefreak’s Top 10 Throwback Movies #TBT



If you grew up on movies as we did you certainly can’t forget some titles.  Those days of swapping VHS tapes or borrowing from the video libraries feel like a couple of hundred years already but these films are still fresh in mind.

Those movies are responsible for turning us into the fanatics we are no matter how long it’s been, they just can’t be forgotten.

Here is a list of our Top 10 throwback titles in no particular order.


1. American Ninja    1985

This was almost an entire franchise back then arguably.  There were about four (4) American Ninja movies in all. American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987), American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (1989) and American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (1990). And if you did see the first one then you can relate to the struggle of trying to find the other American Ninja movies back then. If there is ever a remake we can guarantee it would be awesome.






2. Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow    1978

How can anyone possibly forget the cheesiness in how Chinese films where titled back then.  Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, the fixation on the title alone tells its awesomeness. It probably is the first Jackie Chan movie for most of us. It’s amazing he’s still acting now and doesn’t seem to miss a single beat.






3. Commando    1985

This isn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first movie but it arguably one of his most popular titles before the very successful Terminator franchise.  This film is the father of all badass “Father saves daughter” type movies, a pure classic that deserves a remake if you ask us.



4. Escape from Sobibor    1987

This here is another title you just can’t choose to forget. Nobody likes World War II stories but this one was just too emotionally moving for anyone who has seen it to forget.  Based on real events, it shows some of the lowest, un-pardonable points of human behavior.  If you’ve seen this movie before then you would also be dreading the possibility of potential World War III ever.


5. Kickboxer    1989

Back when Jean-Claude Van Damme was in his prime he was unstoppable.  This could be the first Mixed Martial Arts themed film for our generation.  With the original Tong Po (or Tom Pow as we used to call him back then) that wicked fighter. It’s no surprise we all still have one or two friends who still liked to be called Tom Pow. In all, there have been about five other Kickboxer sequels made. And the most recent Kickboxer: Vengeance (2016) was a huge disappointment to this cult classic. Hopefully, the next release Kickboxer Retaliation (2017) should be much better.





6. Rambo: First Blood Part II    1985

This is the sequel to First Blood (1982) but certainly, a lot of people remember First Blood II more because of its definitive “Rambo” title and its typical action movie feel.  Definitely one of the best action movies of that era and it’s still solid.  Two more sequels were made with the 2008 blockbuster Rambo (2008) being the best way to cap off the franchise. But, hey we wouldn’t mind another Rambo film after all “Heroes never die… they reload”.


7. Octopussy    1983

There are too many James Bond titles to choose from. But one of the tiles you certainly are sure to remember from growing up is Octopussy, which starred Roger Moore.  With other titles like, The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), Moonraker (1977), For Your Eyes Only (1981). James Bond films aren’t as nice as those classics we grew up watching.

Watch Trailer Below


8. Drunken Master    1978

We used to call this “The Drinking Master”. Another Jackie Chan classic you definitely can’t forget. Who hasn’t tried mimicking a Drunken Master fight stance?  Some golden childhood memories associated with this title.


9. Sarafina    1992

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have that film about teenagers in South Africa fighting against the apartheid.  This is another emotionally moving film only that this felt a bit closer to us as Africans.  A lot of us can still remember some of not all the words of the “Freedom is Coming tomorrow..” soundtrack of this film.


  1. Enter The Dragon    1973

Obviously, before Jackie Chan and Jet Li, there was a certain Bruce Lee. And he was twice the badass. Bruce Lee films are timeless cult classics you can’t forget at all if you grew up in the VHS and roadside video centers era in Ghana. A legend worth celebrating, we hope the biopic for Bruce Lee, Birth of the Dragon (2016) doesn’t disappoint

Do you remember any of these titles? Do well to share with us in the comments section below some of the other titles you remember from your childhood.


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