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GhMoviefreak’s Top 10 Film Projects from Ghana You Should Expect To See This Year – PART II



Here is the second part of our Top 10 Film Projects from Ghana you should expect this year. Be reminded that this list is in no particular order and the intent is just to alert our amazing readers on the status of these projects which are going to be released this year.

6. The Hero

Sometimes the most successfully of films are those that seek to address a social issue. They are also most likely to be the films that are ignored or given the least attention.

This year we should expect to see one of such films produced by of Chrisloe and Messiah Entertainment, US and Ghana respectively. The project titled “The Hero“, is directed by Barbara Anakwa, US. with Jumic Emma Anderson, Ghana (the director of Running).

The Hero is a social drama film that seeks to lift the veil from some hidden plight; it is a courageous story of change brought by a young girl from the Northern part of Ghana and her mentally ill guardian.The movie is to address and create awareness of societal maladies such as mental health, issues of witch camps, early marriages and streetism.

A reliable insider on this project informed us that about 75% of the cast in the film had never acted before but delivered amazingly during principle photography for this film. If this is anything to go by, then we are confident that this project would be something we are likely not going to forget in a hurry after it is released.

Fortunately, we should get to see this film by the close of the second quarter of the year.



7. Paper

If you are an adherent reader of you might have noticed that we broke the news last year of “Paper” being the next project from young film maker Daakyehene Ababio.

Paper is a TV show/series which centers on a drug Lord who uses his money to influence and lure desperate people to work for him in his drug business using them as mules whilst a young blogger takes it upon himself to uncover the darkness in the drug trade to bring him to justice.

The young filmmaker seems to be getting a lot of buzz on social media lately, which sort of goes to prove that people are equally excited about getting to see this project this year. The show is expected to feature the talents of Raymond Sarfo, Eddie Akwetey, Nii K. Saka, Anastasia Bright, social media sensation Teacher Kwadwo and a host of new young acting talents.

Details for its release are still sketchy and not confirmed but we are likely to see Paper on our screens within the first quarter of 2018.




We are always excited about young film makers making a conscious effort to produced and fund their own independent film projects. This particular project is from a group of young film makers based in Takoradi who are  behind the Cinemanuel Studios outfit and it’s been aptly titled “SANE“.

Sane is a short film put together to create awareness on mental health and how caring parents and the entire society should be towards persons with mental disability.

In this short film, Afiba, a 23-year-old graduate who suffers from mental problems is shunned by most of all her friends. She falls in love with Kobby her best friend and their love affair sparks a series of events that would worsen her mental state.

From what we’ve gathered this short film is been made for Film Festivals & Awards considerations and we are interested in seeing how it fares in that regard.

SANE is directed by young film maker, Evans Kwesi Egyir Jnr and features a host of other young upcoming talents.



9. The Riddle

Another young filmmaker on our radar now is a young director Noble Yaw Freeman. He’s still fairly unknown but we chanced on some projects he’s worked on and we believe he’s building up an impressive portfolio.

This year, backed by his Coverline Pictures, they are set to release a tv series titled “The Riddle“.

In “The Riddle” a young lady finds out that her soul is a property of the gods, she doesn’t give in to their demands. Instead she embarks on a journey to get back what belongs to her.

The series according to the makers is based off a true story.

We got the exclusive privilege to see the pilot plus three (3) more episodes and it seems very impressive enough to warrant being on this list. It oozes that intense vibe of a psychological thriller with mythical elements.

We’ve been reliably informed that they are finalizing deals to have it showing on GhOne TV soon. So be on the lookout for it.

10. Accra Confidential

This is a project coming from SEG Cinland, the makers of The Northern King and the yet to be released slasher film Slumber Party.

The makers have touted Accra Confidential to be a “Law & Oder” style influenced TV Show covering happenings in Ghana. The show’s story line focuses on the social ills and unseen crimes that happen in the shadows of living in Accra.

We understand that the project is still in the early stages of development and they are about shooting the pilot episode for it.

Accra Confidential is written and directed by M.Sayibu and is likely to feature all the fine talents signed to SEG Talent Agency as well as other talents.

We are expecting to see the first season of this show some time in the 3rd quarter of 2018.



So as promised here is our complete list of the Top 10 film projects from Ghana you should expect to see in 2018. We will do well as always to bring your more updates on these projects and also our detailed review and ratings on them once they are officially released.





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