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Kobina Ansah’s I want To Sue God – StagePlay



If history is anything to go by then “I Want To Sue God” will set the Central Cafeteria of the University of Ghana on fire come 13th February 2016.

Any one who has met writer and director Kobina Ansah knows the hard work and passion that go into his stage-plays. His debut play “ This Family Is Not For Sale” was a huge success last year when the Efua Sutherland Studio swarmed with people . The brilliant punchlines that filled the scenes and acts kept the audience of over 300 in a hysteria of laughter for close to three hours. This year, Kobina stages another blockbuster with a brow-raising title “I WANT TO SUE GOD”.

I WANT TO SUE GOD tells the story of Kekeli and Arhinfoa. After the General Overseer of The 13 Apostles Divine Ministry, Bishop Akpanya,  prophesies the marriage of Kekeli to the singing bird Arhinfoa, Kekeli throws an extremely luxurious wedding to celebrate the wife prescribed by God himself. Weeks later, he  finds out his “heaven sent” wife,whom he spent his lifetime savings marrying is the exact opposite of who he had imagined her to be- everything but a wife.  Who is to blame? Someone needs to be sued!

Kobina Ansah hints, “We seek to achieve three main ‘Ls’ with this satire; leisure, laughter and lessons.” He contends that young people spend too much on weddings forgetting it is only a day’s event ushering the  lifelong scared relationship. He says “It is about time we used theatre to correct some of these ills in society like was done in the past.”

The five-cast romantic comedy is a product of Scribe Productions and proudly sponsored by Scribe Communications. The first show is at 4pm whiles the second show is at 7pm.

Writer and Director : Kobina Ansah

Cast: Stephen Adjah Tetteh (Kekeli), Bernice Esinam Batali (Arhinfoa), Obed Armah (Efo Titiate), Kwabena Asante (Bishop Akpanya), Eugene Evans Arthur (YujinSpeaks)

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