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Movie Review: “Sight” – More To Life Than What Meets The Eye.



‘Sight’ is a biopic directed by Andrew Hyatt inspired by the true life story of renowned eye surgeon Dr. Ming Wang. It captures a pivotal time in his personal life and career while providing a glimpse into his childhood and the experiences that contributed to his resilience and motivation to succeed.

In the film’s central plot, Dr. Wang must confront his past and draw on the resilience he gained growing up in China during the cultural revolution to try to restore the sight of a blind orphan from India.

Terry Chen plays the role of Dr. Ming Wang with grace and composure. He embodies the perfect portrayal of a man scarred by his past, presenting a strong exterior while being broken within. In the few scenes where he allows his vulnerability to show, his performance is both believable and relatable. Chen‘s nuanced depiction of the good doctor’s internal struggle adds a layer of depth to the film, making his character’s journey all the more compelling. You don’t have to know anything about the real Dr. Wang to appreciate Chen‘s depiction and delivery of the character. He has this level of cool and calm that you would expect from a surgeon whose work can be equated to miracles.

In the film, Dr. Wang is struggling to keep his research and practice afloat. You would expect that he would be in the haste to cut corners and capitalize on his reputation to advance things for himself and his practice. But he is grounded and measured in all his doings. Even when speaking to the press, he deflects attention from himself, focusing on the greater good of his work. You soon realize that he is that way for a reason. This aspect of his character is portrayed with subtlety and authenticity, illustrating the selflessness and dedication that define Wang‘s career.


There is also the character Misha played by Greg Kinnear. Misha is Wang colleague that helps not just with his work, but also with handling his emotional turmoil. Through Misha, we are reminded that it helps to have that support system, that friend or confidant who believes in us and our capabilities.  Greg Kinnear delivers exceptionally well in this role.

The film’s art direction is meticulously crafted. The flashback scenes transport the audience to 1970s communist China with depictions that feel real and appropriate to the era. The costuming, set design, and props are meticulously detailed, enhancing the film’s historical accuracy and immersive quality. These scenes also capture the extremes of the protestants’ fight against the authoritarian government, highlighting the gravity of their actions and their often tragic consequences. The conflict and violence depicted are enough to dampen anyone’s spirit, but not Wang’s. We see how all of this inspires and motivates him to pursue his dreams of becoming a doctor like his father.


We also from the film that Wang‘s parents were very supportive and influential in his academic development. They not only encouraged him but also took the time to help him with his studies. This familial support is portrayed as a cornerstone of Wang’s resilience and success, adding another layer to his inspirational journey.

Sight‘ maintains a delicate balance between religion and science, avoiding an overtly religious tone while still acknowledging the role of faith in Wang‘s life. You could even argue that his surgical successes could be seen as a result of both his intellect and his faith. The narrative avoids predictability by keeping a pace that ensures viewers remain emotionally invested in the characters, particularly in Wang’s emotional turmoil as he grapples with past trauma.


Another one of the film’s standout characters is Kajal, the blind orphan played by Mia SwamiNathan. Kajal even without her sight, exudes courage and optimism, choosing to see the bright side of life despite being stuck in darkness. This character serves as a reminder that there is more to life than what meets the eye, offering a lesson in resilience and positivity that resonates deeply.

Aesthetically, this is a visually pleasing film. The cinematography is well-executed, complementing the two distinctive eras the film captures. The visuals enhance the storytelling, making the film a feast for the eyes as well as the soul. It has the look and feel that can be either enjoyed at the cinema or in the comfort of your couch.

But this isn’t a film to watch purely for entertainment. It focuses more on being inspirational and encouraging for anyone daring to achieve the impossible. Through Wang‘s story, the film teaches us about the life of a good person, their struggles, and how these challenges shape them into achieving greater, unimaginable things.


Granted, ‘Sight‘ might not be for everyone. Some might find it too safe or even pretentious. However, the fact that it is based on a true story and serves as a reminder of the world’s potential for goodness overshadows these criticisms.

‘Sight’ is about seeing beyond our pain, as the real Dr. Ming Wang aptly puts it at the film’s conclusion. It is a beautifully made film that opens our eyes to the power of resilience, the importance of confronting our past, and the transformative potential of faith and intellect.

It is certainly an eye-opener and a beautifully made film that reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit.

I will score this film 7.5/10.

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