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Short Film Review: “Room Taken” – An Unlikely Bond and the Goodness Within Us All.



Room Taken” is a poignant short film, written by Michael Whelan and directed by Tj O’Grady Peyton, that delicately explores the depths of human connection amidst challenging circumstances. 

The film presents a compelling premise that explores themes of homelessness, empathy, and unlikely human connections.

It tells the story of Isaac, a newly arrived immigrant in Ireland who finds himself among the growing homeless population. His chance encounter with Victoria, an elderly blind woman, sets the stage for a series of events that unfold unexpectedly.

The opening scene shows him waking up in a child’s bedroom after spending the night at a friend’s house. It is still very early in the morning, and he must leave before the child’s mother returns home and spots him.

Homeless and feeling helpless, he contemplates sleeping on the cold streets at night. However, fate intervenes when he has a chance encounter with Victoria, an elderly blind woman, at a shop. He follows her home to assist her with something she left behind. Having no idea where he’ll spend the night, he decides to stay at Victoria‘s place, knowing very well that she can’t see him. 


Gabriel Adewusi plays the role of Isaac with some sincerity. His journey is one of resilience and desperation as he grapples with the harsh reality of being homeless in a foreign country where he hopes to make a better living for himself.

Victoria, the elderly blind woman, is portrayed by Brid Brennan. Her performance is both endearing and heart-wrenching, as she navigates the complexities of grief and acceptance amidst the unexpected changes in her life. Victoria exudes a likable personality, making it understandable why Isaac would be drawn to her, despite her lack of awareness of his presence under her roof.

Over a few days, Isaac begins to take on small tasks around the house out of conviction and courtesy for Victoria‘s unintended benevolence. 

As the narrative progresses, we also learn that Victoria is not only dealing with the loss of her sight but also the loss of her late husband. She even attributes the strange changes in her home to him.

Tj O’Grady Peyton does well at keeping you interested in both central characters of the film. There are a few scenes that get quite tense, particularly when Isaac is creeping around the house and is almost discovered by Victoria.

As the film draws to its climax viewers are drawn deeper into the emotional intricacies of Isaac and Victoria’s relationship, culminating in a poignant conclusion that leaves a lasting impression about this film and its themes. 

In addition to its thematic depth, “Room Taken” is a visually decent short film, with cinematography that captures well the situation and perspectives of both key characters. Also, the film’s elegance is complemented by a well-thought-through musical score that heightens the emotional resonance of each scene.

Room Taken” serves as a powerful reminder of the inherent goodness within us all and the profound impact that simple acts of kindness can have on those around us.

With a runtime of 18 minutes, this beautifully crafted narrative manages to touch the heart and leave a lasting impact on the viewer, reminding us of 

the inherent need for companionship and understanding in our lives.

It is a decently made short film that offers audiences a poignant exploration of empathy, homelessness, and the universal need for human connection. 

Through its nuanced storytelling and heartfelt performances, it reminds us that amidst life’s challenges, we all can make a difference and find solace in the company of others. This film deservingly won the Best Live Action Short Jury Award at Cleveland International Film Festival. It is certainly a must-watch and I will score this short film 4 out of 5 stars.

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