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Trailer Alert: The Avengers: Infinity War 2018 Everyone Is Talking About



It looks like 2018 is going to be another awesome film year for Marvel fans. Avengers: Infinity War trailer was released and every one seems to be pumped about it.

If you have been following the Marvel Cinematic Universe closely you might have noticed the closing Credit scenes that teased Thanos aka “The biggest, best, and baddest villain that Marvel has ever had”.

Although he looks a bit laughable in the new trailer, Thanos is ready to claim all the Infinity Stones and destroy the universe but it looks like all your favorite superheroes would have to team up to be able to stand a chance against the Titan.

Here are 5 things you should know and expect before going to see this film next year,

1. There are 64 main characters in this film according to Marvel. Yes, that’s right, all your favorite superheroes are making an appearance in this film. Well excerpt Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, who had expressed interest in reprising his role as Logan, only if he would appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


2. There are Six Infinity stones in all, five of which have been revealed in the past releases in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The sixth stone is likely to be revealed in Black Panther or Avengers: Infinity War. My bet is on it surfacing somewhere in Black Panther which we expect to watch in February 2018. Let’s just wait and see how that goes.


3. This film would mark the 9th time Robert Downey Jr would playing Iron Man since the release of Iron Man (2008). This ties him with Hugh Jackman (Wolverine/Logan in the X-Men franchise) as the actor who has portrayed a comic book character the most times.


4. There is going to be a follow up sequel to this film which is currently untitled but expected to be released sometime in 2019. So if you expecting this to be the end of the Avengers and their awesomeness, don’t get your hopes up yet.


5. Marvel intends to introduce Captain Marvel (Marvel’s biggest female hero… yeah that’s right, time to forget about Black Widow) in this film as they set up for her stand alone film titled Captain Marvel expected to be release in later 2019.

Here is a look at the Trailer Avengers: Infinity War everyone is talking about.



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