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Beautiful Ruins 2016



After several successful projects such as “Could This Be Love”, “Shattered Romance”, “Royal Diadem” just to mention a few, Eddie Nartey under his production outfit EN Entertainment is set to release their new movie “Beautiful Ruins”.

We are excited about seeing this as it tells a story of the beauty in the struggle and how Living a  borrowed lifestyle has it’s own complications. REALITY will expose you at a point and make you look miserable. MAINTAIN YOUR IDENTITY. And when it’s BEAUTIFUL, don’t RUIN it.

Beautiful Ruins premieres on the 18th of March 2016. Be prepared..

  • Producers: Eddie Nartey
  • Director: Eddie Nartey
  • Writer: Eddie Nartey

Cast: John Dumelo, Christabel Ekeh, Eddie Nartey, Selly Galley, Umar Krupp, Fred Amugi.

Watch Trailer Below


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