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Global Cinemas Marks Local Movie Month With A Ghana, India Collaboration



Global Cinemas, Ghana’s first choice Cinema is set to excite movie enthusiasts with an exclusive Ghana-India collaboration, Mr. India, as its first local movie to premier in the month of September; dubbed Ghana month at Global Cinemas.

This idea falls in line with the plans of Global Cinemas joining the nation to mark the birth month of Ghana’s first president, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah whose birth date is on September 21st (1909). The premiering of the movie Mr. India and the showing of other local movies in September is also part of the larger goal of Global Cinemas to promote Ghanaian movies.

The Business Manager of Global Cinemas Mrs. Eunice Tornyi said “Global Cinemas shows all types of movies that seek to satisfy the interest of our customers, and starting this year we want to dedicate September to the showing of local movies as our best way of marking the birth month of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, aside promoting the activities of the Ghanaian movie industry”.

She further said “We are starting with the premier of a Ghana, India collaboration titled Mr. India which is a reflection of the strides made by the Ghanaian movie industry and Global Cinemas’ readiness to support growth in the local movie industry on to the international market”.

“I encourage movie lovers to visit Global Cinemas with their families and friends for a fun-filled moment this September”. She added.

Mr. India is Ghana’s first movie collaboration with India, produced and directed by Richard J. A. Boateng. This intriguing movie details the life of James Aboagye (Richard J. A. Boateng), a young Ghanaian who obtains a scholarship to do his masters’ degree in India. At India, he finds beautiful Sonia (Aakarshita Raghuvanshi), and they fall in love. But seeing James is an African, it is difficult for Sonia’s family to accept him. Events take a different turn when Mrs. Singh (Dharna Chavhan), Sonia’s mother, finally agrees that the lovers get married as she realizes that James can speak Hindi.

James returns to Ghana to inform his family for the marriage ceremony. Back in Ghana, James encounters unexpected situation. Baaba Johnson (Happy Togah) is a childhood friend of James who has been in love with James all her life but has not mustered the courage to tell him. Hearing that James is getting marry to an Indian, she decides to use any means possible to stop the marriage. This would push James to make a sensitive decision as to who to marry; Sonia or Baaba?

The story continues at Global Cinemas on 3rd September 2016. The movie features Aakarshita Raghuvanshi, Dharna Chavhan, Chirag Bhanot, Kamal Anand from India and Richard J. A. Boateng, Happy Togah, Haruna Seidu Soale and Gifty Amoako from Ghana.

Tickets are on sale at the Global Cinemas. Complimentary tickets will also be made available on ETV’s Breakfast TV prior to the premiere. It is Showtime at Global Cinemas!


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