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Global Cinemas, Nilani Media Sign Partnership To Boost Movie Industry



Accra, November 26, 2015: Global Cinemas, Ghana’s top luxury cinema complex has partnered Nilani Media, a Ghanaian media production company to premiere Ghana’s blockbuster action thriller, “Interception” on December 11, 12 and 13 at 6pm and 8pm. The movie will be screened throughout Christmas.

The revelation was made at a press briefing organized by the two companies at Global Cinemas at Weija where journalists interacted with cast members and had an exclusive preview of the movie. Written by Nina Lalwani, directed by Pascal Aka, with executive production by Nina and Prakash Lalwani, and associate producers Pascal Aka and Habiba Nelson, Interception will be the first Ghanaian produced action thriller to be premiered at the Global Cinemas at Weija.

LR Pascal Aka,Ama .K of Interception,Kweku Cobbina of Global Cinemas,Nina and Prakash Lawani of Nilani Media

Addressing the press at the event, Mr. Kweku Cobbina, Business Manager for Global Cinemas, expressed the company’s excitement for its first major partnership to promote made-in-Ghana movies. “Global Cinemas is a wholly Ghanaian owned cinema complex that aims to give world class entertainment to Ghanaians while promoting local talent and movie production. We want to stir more interest in Ghanaian movies and this action packed thriller, with all the big names and its high production quality, is comparable to world standards.”

Commenting on the possibility of a similar partnership in the near future, Mr. Cobbina said “We are working on an extended partnership with Nilani. This is just the beginning. The future is bright and we open our arms to others in the industry.”

Mr. Cobbina commended Nilani for their outstanding production of Interception. “I am very impressed with Interception. Nilani over exceeded expectations from the cast to storyline and even the special effects for the stunts. Interception is an amazing job well done and I believe Ghanaians are going to enjoy watching this movie exclusively during the Christmas period at Global Cinemas.

On his part, Prakash Lalwani, Executive Producer of Nilani, said partnering with Global Cinemas will birth better entertainment to Ghanaians. “We are excited to partner with Global Cinemas to debut Interception this December. We are very impressed with the movie halls and the 3D screens with surround sound. This is a perfect partnership; a Ghanaian movie production house, premiering a Ghanaian blockbuster, in a Ghanaian cinema complex with a state-of-the-art facilities. We look forward to a successful premiere, come December 11, 12 and 13, and to greater partnerships in the near future”.

Starring some of Ghana’s top cast including Adjetey Anang, Chris Attoh, John Dumelo, Ama K. Abebrese, Jasmine Baroudi, Benny Blanco and Pascal Aka, Interception is a law enforcement movie about a tactical team of highly trained ex-military men (Special Ops Team) who have been handpicked by the Vice President of Ghana for special assignments.

“This is, honestly speaking, the best movie I’ve done in my life,” said John Dumelo. “I have been in action movies before but this is actually an action movie.”

“It’s so different from other Ghanaian films that you see out there,” said Ama K. Abebrese. “I think that we just need to show a different side of Africa.”

Nilani Media Productions is a Media Productions and Events Company based in Accra, Ghana. The company is owned by Prakash Lalwani and Nina Lalwani.

Global Cinemas is a new state-of-the-art luxury cinema complex at Weija positioned to offer premium entertainment options to Ghanaians at an affordable price.

Ama K Abebrese

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