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Movie Review: “Alone Together” – A Dark and Haunting Descent into Horror

“Alone Together” is a psychological horror thriller that succeeds in keeping its viewers engaged and disturbed throughout. However, its climax doesn’t feel like a satisfying resolution for the story that the narrative serves us. 



It appears that there won’t be an end to “pandemic era” films that take advantage of limited cast/characters and a limited location to tell interesting stories. Besides the very obvious plot similarities, the utmost challenge is for the filmmaker to tell a story that hooks the audience from start to finish whilst remaining creative.

This particular one attempts to tell one that has horror and thriller elements on the back of a bad relationship.

Alone Together” is a chilling horror thriller that unravels the complexities of a toxic relationship against the backdrop of a global pandemic and strange occurrences. 

At the centre of this film is Nassdja (played by DeAnna S. Wright), a woman trapped in a toxic relationship with her brutish boyfriend Luke (played by Matthew Kresch). With the pandemic intensifying, they decide to go into lockdown in a secluded cabin owned by Luke‘s family. All the while hoping that their time together alone could help mend things between them. But they are in for a surprise as the cabin’s, they find out that they are not alone, and the cabin itself holds some dark secrets. 

The film is directed by Will Kresch who also shares writing credits with A.V. Bach. Together, they tell this story using a limited cast without making it look and feel like a very small film.

From the moment we are introduced to Nassdja and Luke, it becomes clear that theirs is a relationship fraught with turmoil. These characters appear as an unlikely pair, and their dissonance is palpable right from their first on-screen moments. Nassdja, through the powerful performance of DeAnna S. Wright, conveys an unsettling sense of insecurity and fear. It is through her eyes that we witness the torment of an abusive relationship, making it apparent that she is trapped in a living nightmare. She also struggles with the idea of going away to lockdown particularly because her father is struggling with recovery after having been infected by COVID. To drive that narrative, we get to see Nassdja exchanging texts and phone calls with her family. But she is also secretly texting with someone else would could be her only way out of the toxic relationship she finds herself in.

Luke, on the other hand, played with eerie intensity by Matthew Kresch, exhibits characteristics of possessiveness, control, and paranoia. As the story unfolds, we learn more about the source of his troubled psyche. Luke’s traumatic past is unveiled, as we discover that he witnessed his father, a war veteran, take his own life. This revelation adds depth to his character, explaining the emotional scars that have fueled his unsettling behaviour. We learn that he is in real-time spying on Nassdja through her hacked phone.

As the couple retreats to Luke’s remote family cabin in search of healing and solace, the film takes an ominous turn. It becomes increasingly evident that they are not alone in this isolated setting. The remote cabin, surrounded by the haunting quiet of the pandemic, begins to serve as a stage for a malevolent presence. The audience is drawn into a suspenseful web of unexplained phenomena and eerie occurrences. It’s not immediately clear if they are being haunted by someone or something.

Strange, unexplainable dreams and situations plague both Nassdja and Luke, heightening the sense of impending doom. The origins of these dreams remain shrouded in mystery, leaving the audience to grapple with the unsettling uncertainty that hangs over the narrative. The film masterfully blurs the lines between psychological horror and the supernatural, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

The cinematography in “Alone Together” is exceptional, adding depth and atmosphere to the narrative. The remote family cabin, with its dark, foreboding woods and eerie silence, is captured with haunting beauty. The cinematography complements the film’s tone of imminent danger, creating an unsettling ambience that pervades the entire story. The use of lighting and camera angles heightens the sense of unease and leaves a lasting impression.

The film’s soundtrack, a blend of eerie melodies and unsettling tones, enhances the overall experience. It accentuates moments of suspense and dread, deepening the connection between the audience and the characters on screen.

Alone Together” is a psychological horror thriller that succeeds in keeping its viewers engaged and disturbed throughout. However, its climax doesn’t feel like a satisfying resolution for the story that the narrative serves us. 

I would score this film 7/10. It deftly explores the complexities of a toxic relationship, the scars of the past, and the chilling unknown. 

Alone Together” isn’t a perfect horror flick, it might fall short in many areas but it delivers decently enough that it will continue to haunt you long after the credits roll.

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