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Movie Review: ‘Between Sins’ – From Prison to society, the struggles of an ex-convict.



Between Sins is a hood film detailing the life of Coy a man who returns from a stint in prison. He has the choice to return to his religious roots or get dragged back into a life of crime that presents him with only temporal pleasures but the possibility of getting killed or ending up back behind bars.

Coy is played by George Taylor. His demeanour and posture throughout the film are that of a man who possibly had a brighter feature but ended up in a life of crime. His outlook on life has further been darkened by his experiences in the prison system and doesn’t seem to know what the future has in store for him.

Five years locked up might not seem that long for many. But Coy returns home to find out that a lot has changed. His little daughter who he left before going away is not so little anymore and is missing a father figure in her life. The streets are not the same as they were when he went in. He manages to find a job at a boat yard but that doesn’t seem enough for him. 

Pudda (played by Rigoberto Duval) his old friend presents his only chance of making a much more comfortable living than the boat yard job he’s landed. But that involves him going back to a life of crime and possibly ending up back in prison.

For many just like Coy, that seems to be their faith and they are most likely just going to be another statistic in the matter of recidivism.

But what are the opportunities available for an ex-convict if not a life of crime?

Coy is seeing struggling not just with his conflicts but also with the relationship he has with his daughter as well as his mother whose health is failing.

We see him share some moments with his mother that seems to reaffirm the importance of a mother’s love in anyone’s life. She is the only one waiting to pick him up after his release from prison. Later in the film, he asks her much longer she has left and tries to make the best out of the few days that she might have left alive.

We also see Coy speaking and advising some young individuals encouraging them to take their training in interest in football seriously. 

The film is written and drifted by Carlos Miller. The story he tells in this film feels like a reflection of the lives of many minorities in the states. Interestingly, he can show that determination and commitment to living a life away from crime can pay off. There are also subtle elements of religion and faith touched on in this film.

It is also notable to acknowledge that the film does great not to glorify crime and gang violence. There aren’t any scenes or events in the film that feed into the stereotypes that are mostly propagated in hood films.

The film generally keeps a decent pacing that leads you to expect that something very eventful is about to happen in the life of the lead. But nothing happens and it just goes on. It is as though the film doesn’t have a decisive third act but slowly cruises to a climax leaving you not just wanting more but interested in knowing what is next for Coy and his family.

I would score this film 6/10. Perhaps, I expected a much more conclusive resolution for Coy and his loved ones. Or I just wanted a happy ending that sees him successful and enjoying a good life with better opportunities away from crime. Nonetheless, this is a film worth seeing.

Between Sins‘ starting 31st March 2023 is available for streaming via AMAZONVUDU, and Cable VOD. Do check it out if you are in for a decent hood drama. 

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