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Movie Review: ‘Demise’ – Yara Estrada Lowe’s Strong Debut, A Thriller Like No Other.



DEMISE” marks Yara Estrada Lowe‘s debut feature film, a modern-day thriller set in present-day Los Angeles. 

The film delves into the intricate life of Caleb, a Latino landscaper embroiled in a passionate love triangle with rising fashion star Fiona, while also committed to his wife, Celine. From the very beginning, the film sets the tone with an erotic thriller vibe, drawing viewers into a world of forbidden desires and intense emotions.

The film movie begins with the sound of passionate moaning, gradually transitioning to a scene featuring Caleb and Fiona engaged in an intimate lovemaking session. This opening sets the tone perfectly for the erotic thriller that follows. We soon find out that Caleb is a married man and Fiona isn’t his wife. 

Carlo Mendez portrays Caleb with nuance, capturing the conflict of a man torn between two women. As Caleb juggles his infidelity with promises to Fiona and his obligations to Celine, the tension mounts, particularly around Celine‘s fervent desire to start a family. 

Celine is enthusiastic about the prospect of starting a family with Caleb, going so far as to initiate intimacy during her ovulation period to enhance their chances of conception. It becomes evident that their differing views on starting a family could potentially drive them apart. Celine‘s longing for a child with Caleb adds emotional complexity to their relationship, emphasizing the ramifications of Caleb‘s infidelity.

Crystal Hernandez shines as Fiona, portraying a woman deeply in love and willing to wait for Caleb to leave his marriage to come to be with her.

Celine finally discovers Caleb‘s infidelity. To add insult to injury, Fiona is pregnant and expecting what could be Caleb‘s first child, leading to their breakup. Caleb and Fiona then start to build a new life together, but Celine becomes obsessed with reclaiming what she believes is rightfully hers.

Liz Fenning delivers a standout performance as Celine, showcasing a range of emotions as her character’s obsession and vengefulness unfold.

The screenplay cleverly inserts flashback scenes to help you understand the origins of Caleb and Fiona’s relationship, adding depth to their dynamic. What begins as a romance-filled drama gradually transforms into a gripping thriller, fueled by Celine’s blinded vengeance.

Demise” explores themes of obsession, revenge, and manipulation, raising questions about the lengths one will go to seek justice. Lowe’s script effectively pits two women against each other, leaving viewers torn between their allegiances.

The film’s narrative delves into the lengths to which a scorned woman is willing to go to exact revenge on others. It delves into themes of obsession, revenge, and manipulation, prompting viewers to question how far Celine is willing to push herself and whether the pursuit of vengeance is truly worthwhile.

Yara Estrada Lowe‘s screenplay masterfully pits two women against each other, showcasing their extremes and leaving viewers torn between whom to support and why.

Also her casting choices for this film are exceptionally well thought through. The three lead actors deliver brilliant performances, with Liz Fenning particularly shining in her portrayal of Celine which involves her displaying a wide range of emotions convincingly, captivating audiences in every scene.

Additionally, Lowe‘s screenplay keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, building anticipation for the film’s climax and ensuring a captivating viewing experience throughout.

While the film maintains a high level of intensity throughout, there are occasional lapses in pacing, and some scenes feel unresolved, particularly regarding the identity of a witness to Fiona‘s murder. However, these minor flaws do not detract significantly from the overall experience.

As an indie film, “Demise” demonstrates a strong understanding of its genre, delivering the intensity and unpredictability characteristic of an intense thriller. Even in moments of apparent tranquillity, there is a sense of impending danger, keeping viewers on edge until the film’s gripping conclusion.

In summary, “Demise” is a compelling debut from Yara Estrada Lowe, featuring strong performances, a suspenseful narrative, and a captivating exploration of love, betrayal, and retribution.

I will score this film 7 out of 10.

You can find “Demise” available  on VOD on major platforms. Do check it out. 

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