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Movie Review: Doctor Strange; Our New Favorite Marvel Superhero



Marvel Cinematic Universe has indeed carved a huge name for themselves and with every new release they reecho that they can’t go wrong no matter what.  The story of Doctor Strange might be fairly unknown to most of us on this side of the world.

Doctor Strange is about an egotisc neurosurgeon who after a career threatening accident embarks on a journey to find healing only to be forced to find enlightenment that would change everything that he knows about the world.


The initial thought of this movie being possibly confusing and mentally torturous is not far fetched at all. As much as we all love sci-fiction, we sometimes dread the films that force us to think out of the norm as we try to give some meaning to underlying themes of such movies. This film in a way debates science versus beliefs in a way that makes the two seems interdependent.  It’s easy to be torn between the two in an every day conversation but this movie would some what change your out look on things, both scientific and mystical. Yes, it almost did feel like our popcorn had been laced with some mind trip drug that makes you want to think deeper than usual.


We can describe this movie as an excellent cocktail of The Matrix(1999), The Adjustment Bureau(2011), Inception(2010) garnished with a tiny slice of Guardians of the Galaxy(2014). Doctor Strange indeed isn’t your typical Marvel universe film. It has its own uniqueness that requires a little bit of thinking and open mindedness at the same time.

This would be the most complex movie told in the most simple and easy to understand screen play ever. Yes, you would think that all this playing around with mystic powers, spiritual enlightenment and ultra dimensions would leave you lost in this movie.  But surprisingly this film is easy to follow and in no way confusing at all. You are guaranteed some level of enlightenment if you pay attention to some of the very wise quotes that are used in the dialogue in this film.

 It’s almost as if Benedict Cumberbatch (Who plays the lead role as Doctor Stephen Strange) was reprising his role as Sherlock Holmes minus an English accent in this one. The casting decision was excellent and there is not doubt that he owns the character now after seeing this performance. You would think being egotiscal, overly confident in his intelligence and spits of cocky unintended sarcasm are his natural characteristics. Especially if you have seen him in Sherlock (TV Series).  Cumberbatch simply breaks down the complex nature of the Doctor Strange character when he eventually switches from being a repulsive over achiever in the earlier stages of the film into a loveable, spiritually enlightened defender of the worlds fate.


It also stars Chiwetel Ejiofor (12years A Slave) who’s excellent performance in this big budget potential box office hit, can’t be ignored.

You would love the visual effects used in this movie. Although the action sequences seemed a bit too complex and too elaborate, its very pleasing to the eyes and entertains you are much as it awes you.

Considering that this is Scott Derrickson’s eight movie he is directing, anyone would be impressed with his efforts on this movie and would be sure to want to see the next movie that has his name on.

Marvel movies seem to have a subtle way of mixing action with humor so as to not make their films hilarious but subtly witty enough to make you enjoy the viewing process more.


We would rate this movie 8.5/10 just because we want to see a sequel and see what else our new favorite superhero is capable of doing. This is one of those movies you would certainly want to watch over and over again.

The climax of this movie hints very much needed sequel and also a teases a possible Avengers or Thor (Solo film) story that might include Doctor.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet… we would advise you to stop wasting time waiting for some crappy cam version to leak online and get yourself to the Global Cinemas on the Kasoa – Winneba Highway and enjoy this action packed movie in the company of some of your great friends and it would certainly be worth the entire experience. You are guaranteed of a very enjoyable viewing experience.

Do well to leave your comments, feedback and opinions about this movie in the comments section below.

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