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Movie Review: ‘Jersey Bred’ – A Morden Tale of Old Mob Money Ways



Jersey Bred” a crime thriller written and directed by Greg Russo takes viewers on a journey into the modernized world of organized crime. We see traditional mobsters clash with new tactics of generating and cleaning money like online gambling and cryptocurrency trading., 

It follows the story of a computer-savvy New Jersey mob prince Vincent Napolitano (played by Chris Tardiowho’s been reorganizing organized crime and gets challenged for the top spot by his hot-tempered former childhood friend Anthony (played by Lorenzo Antonucci).

Overall, Russo’s film appears to offer a contemporary take on a classic genre, blending traditional mafia themes with modern issues and technology to create a fresh and engaging story. And that’s what stands out the most about this filmYou can say that is not your typical mob family film but it has the basics intact.

Even with the freshness it brings to the genre or kind of film, it unfortunately falls short in several aspects.

The most noticeable of these shortfalls would be its convoluted plot and abundance of charactersWith several characters introduced to you in this film, it is challenging for you to keep track of who is who and what their motivations or intents are. You would also have to keep up with the dialogue to be able to keep up and fully understand all that is happening in this film. It that is quite a chore for any viewer, particularly when they have to deal with this many characters. 

While the film has of talented cast like Chris Tardio and Lorenzo Antonucci, the quality of their performances is a bit held back by their many dialogue-heavy scenes. It is also almost as though there is too much repetition of the film’s central plot which is the rivalry between Vincent and Anthony which is brought up too many timesThis in some ways makes the film appear to lack some depth depth and nuance needed to truly engage the audience.

Despite its shortcomings, “Jersey Bred” does have some redeeming qualities. The film’s exploration of loyalty, betrayal, and revenge within the criminal underworld offers moments of intrigue, albeit sporadically. But that might not be enough to sustain every viewer’s interest in the film from start to end. 

Also for a film set in Jersey and even making the connection to where it is set with its titling, you would expect to see more sights and sounds of the locals captured in a way that makes you appreciate the city itselfThis could have presented the city itself as a character of its own, adding to the nuance that this film needs to be complete. 

Director Greg Russo’s vision to modernize the mob genre is evident, but the execution ultimately falters where it counts the most. While the film may appeal to die-hard fans of the crime genre, it struggles to maintain momentum right through to the end and fails to leave a lasting impression.

I will score this film 5/10. “Jersey Bred” is a missed opportunity to breathe new life into the mob genre. 

Despite its attempts at innovation, the film’s muddled plot, repetitive character dynamics, and tedious dialogue overshadow its potential. While it may offer some entertainment for crime movie enthusiasts, it ultimately fails to deliver a truly compelling cinematic experience.

Jersey Bred Trailer from Glass House on Vimeo.


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