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Movie Review: “Jovi & Lou” – A Tantalizing Blend of Comedy and Drama”



Jovi & Lou” takes viewers on a thought-provoking journey that intertwines comedy, drama, and moral dilemmas. Directed by Terry Spears, this film presents a unique premise and explores the depths of human desperation and the lengths one might go to save a loved one.

The story revolves around Joey (played by Rhys Gillett), a hardworking landscaper deeply in love with his wife, Mary (played by Corrinne Mica), a dedicated public defender. Mary is at a point in her life where she is conflicted by her work and some of the choices she has t make in helping offenders beat the legal system. She is close to the edge of quitting but Joey believes she can hold on a little longer so they can raise the money they need to start a business of their own. 

Tragedy strikes when Mary falls into a coma after getting into an accident under mysterious circumstances. Joey finds himself caught in a web spun by strange immortals, Jovi ( [ played by Victoria Strange) and Lou ( played by Trevor Van Uden). In a twisted game for human souls, Lou offers Joey a deal: if he commits three murders of people he believes deserve to die, Mary will wake up from the coma unharmed. 

You could easily interpret that Lou symbolically represents Lucifer. Whilst it is not exactly clear who or what Jovi represents but you say that character is the light to the darkness that Lou represents. All this is mostly hinted at in the dialogue and banter between these two throughout the film.

The film raises the profound question of whether the end justifies the means.

One aspect of “Jovi & Lou” that stands out is its tonal balance. While there are instances where the blend of comedy and drama feels slightly disjointed, the film manages to elicit genuine laughs and maintain tension in equal measure. The comedic moments, such as the recurring gag involving Jesus Christ (played by Maurice Tillmon), provide welcomed levity amid the weighty subject matter. Anytime the name “Jesus” is mentioned, he appears in the most quirky and unconventional ways. 

You are left wondering what the creative intent or the symbolism in that is. You would also be questioning if Spears is describing Jesus Christ as genderless or perhaps even ascribing him to a specific race. In all, this might be a bit confusing and can be a bit unclear and uncomfortable for staunch believers of the faith.

But it is not just Christ that is satirically depicted in this film. Several other faiths and religions are touched on in this film and the most uniquely comical ways might just not be easily accepted by everyone.


The performances in the film are commendable, with the cast delivering compelling portrayals. Corrinne Mica shines as Mary, conveying both warmth and determination. Rhys Gillett convincingly portrays Joey’s internal struggle, infusing his character with emotional depth and displaying adept comedic timing that makes you want to see more of him. Victoria Strange brings a sense of quiet strength to her role as Jovi, while Trevor Van Uden skillfully portrays the off-putting and charismatic and cunning nature of Lou.

Despite occasional tonal inconsistencies, “Jovi & Lou” succeeds in capturing the audience’s attention with its originality and intriguing storyline. As Joey tracks and kills his targets you are left wondering if their demise is justified and warranted because of their purported deeds. 

The film skillfully explores the ethical quandaries faced by Joey, prompting viewers to ponder their moral boundaries. The standout scene featuring Lou‘s introspection is a poignant highlight that showcases the talents of both Trevor Van Uden and Victoria Strange.

The film in itself might be initially confusing for many. But it is easy to follow and identify some of the basic symbolisms in the film. What makes it easy to like is the comedy. It might be dark and a bit controversial but it works for the purpose of this film. By the end, the film doesn’t feel like you basic cringeworthy comedy. It is much deeper than that. In many ways, it compels you o think about the choices you make in life. You also find yourself wondering if you would also be willing to go that far to save the life of a loved one. 

I would score this film 6/10. It might seem like just another indie film but it is clever in several ways, from the use of symbolism to the way it forces you to rethink some of the choices you might have made in life.

In conclusion, “Jovi & Lou” is an engaging film that combines elements of comedy and drama to examine profound questions of sacrifice and love. While not without its flaws, it manages to captivate with its thought-provoking premise and compelling performances. This morally-charged tale challenges viewers to consider what they would do to save a loved one and leaves them contemplating the price of redemption.

Jovi & Lou teaser trailer from Terry Spears on Vimeo.


Jovi & Lou” is currently available for streaming on Amazon since April 22nd and would also be available on Tubi soon. Do make sure you check it out if you are in for something different.

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