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Movie Review: ‘Loud & Longing’ – A Look at Art, Trauma, and Not So Good Execution



Loud & Longing” is a cinematic exploration that offers both strengths and weaknesses in its attempt to portray the struggles and triumphs of artists in New York City. 

The film is about Lucy (played by Isabel Ellison) and Lucien (played by Sam Encarnacion), childhood companions bound by a tumultuous past. They have managed to carve out a life for themselves amidst the bustling streets of New York City. Lucy is on the cusp of her Off-Broadway debut as an actress, while Lucien is fervently pursuing a solo exhibition at a renowned art gallery. However, their world is thrown into disarray when their cousin Matt (played by Max Carpenter) suddenly reappears, resurrecting painful memories they had long buried. 

As they approach their long-awaited moments of recognition, Lucy and Lucien find themselves grappling with the haunting legacy of their shared childhood marked by trauma, addiction, and profound loss. 

In some ways, the film’s idea seems like a brilliant one. Not a novelty idea, but the thought of having a different perspective seems appreciable. It subtly tackles the subject of the importance of family and having a support system, particularly for creatives.

To navigate through the challenges they are faced with, Lucy and Lucien t lean on their chosen family of fellow artists and sex workers, who become their pillars of support, guiding them towards redemption and recovery.

Ellison besides her role as Lucy is also credited as writer and director for this indie film. She manages to steal the spotlight for herself with her ‘okay’ portrayal of Lucy which is marked by emotional intensity, drawing viewers into her character’s journey. The other actors in the film as not as impressive in their delivery and pale in comparison to Ellison. In the end, this makes it seem as if the film is all about Lucy and or Ellison.

Loud & Longing” starts to fall apart when its many flaws begin to show in the cracks of what its lean indie budget could afford to produce.

As much as the camera movements try to present an artsy and unsettling look and feel for the film, it rather make the film look sloppy and extremely amateurish. 

Additionally, the film’s storytelling approach, marked by flashbacks presented in a disjointed editing style with fast cuts that seemed more confusing and challenging to follow. Viewers may find it difficult to navigate the narrative’s structure, which disrupts the flow of the story and hinders emotional engagement. 

The sound design choice also seems to take away from the viewing experience rather than adding to it.

Besides its technical flaws, the film slowly leads up to a climax that seems forced, rushed and without a proper resolution.

In the end, “Loud & Longing” with all its notable weaknesses just feels like a decent idea which was very poorly executed.

I will score this film 5/10.

Loud & Longing” might be a film that showcases the resilience of artists, however, its technical shortcomings and disjointed storytelling style can make it difficult to sit through. The film’s experimental nature may appeal to only a handful of viewers but may leave many feeling disconnected from the narrative.


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