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Movie Review: Maybe Someday – The Cycle of Hurt Whiles Finding Love.



Maybe Someday’ is a love story that follows the character of Jay (Michelle Ehlen), a non-binary photographer in her 40s, battling a mixture of denial and depression as she attempts to move across the country in the midst of separating from her wife (Jeneen Robinson). Along the way, she takes a detour to stay with her high school best friend (Shaela Cook) who Jay used to be secretly in love with before she came out as a lesbian, and befriends a charismatic but complicated gay man (Charlie Steers) who has long given up on love. Struggling to move forward with the next chapter of her life, memories of the past resurface as Jay grapples with the inevitable cycles of love, loss, and letting go.

The film is journey of love in the various stages of heartbreak. Jay is broken and needs to find a way to heal but how can she heal when she returns stay with her best friend who she never really got over.

There are several flashbacks of Jay and her friends in their youth that helps you better understand the story.  There is a notable flashback where she comes out of the closet to her friends.

Michelle Ehlen writes, directs and also stars in this film. Even with a heavy presence throughout the film, it doesn’t feel like she is the only one to focus on as the story progress. She allows for the other characters to have their moments all to the greater good of the story being told.

Acting wise, this feels like a script that was very easy for all the actors. Ehlen for instance is very natural in her role and delivery as Jay. The on-screen chemistry between Tommy and her also feels very genuine. Chad Steers is a delight to watch as well with his portrayal of Tommy. You can’t help but be left confused by his stance on love and relationships. Just like Jay, his imperfections are very evident and he doesn’t try hide them. Tommy in many ways does really help Jay out of her pain. He is outgoing and very humorous. And as their friendship develops, we see Jay smiling more and checking her phone less for a call from her ex.

You can feel how genuine this story really is. Clearly, this must have been based on real life experiences of Helen. But it can be very relatable for many. What also works for this film is the decent amounts of humor, it is meant to be a drama but there are quite a few things to either make you smile or laugh. And you can tell that there was conscious effort to not further dilute this movie into a forced comedy.

Love is beautiful and is complicated. This film captures these two details about love very well. Jay and Tommy seem like too people on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Jay wants to believe in love and give it another chance. Tommy on the other hand has simply given up on the emotion and wants Jay to do same too.


Maybe Someday’ is a slow burner that might lose many by the time it reaches its climax but it tells a decent story about love and its complexities that can be appreciated by anyone regardless of their sexuality. I would rate it 5.5/10 for its simplicity and commitment to telling a story like this. It works not only as a decent flick to while away time with, but a story that is sure to help anyone going to the emotional pains of a heart break.

Maybe Someday we will all find love and it would cause us any pain, just maybe.

If you are looking for a film that dares to tackle the subject of love head on, then this one is for you. For the LGBTQ community, this is certainly a must watch.



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