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Movie Review: “The Shift” – A Cinematic Exploration of Faith, Temptation, and Redemption

The Shift is a cinematic gem that successfully marries elements of faith and science fiction. With compelling performances, a thought-provoking narrative, and meticulous art direction, the film offers a unique and engaging experience. 



The Shift, directed and written by Brock Heasley, weaves a captivating narrative that seamlessly blends elements of science fiction, faith, and the human experience. Drawing inspiration from the biblical story of Job, the film introduces us to Kevin Garner, portrayed with emotional depth by Kristoffer PolahaGarner, is a man who seemingly had it all; a successful career and a beautiful family, he finds himself facing a series of trials that mirror the challenges faced by the biblical figure Job.

The modern spin on Job‘s story is ingeniously crafted, with a tense encounter with the enigmatic and otherworldly figure, “The Benefactor,” played with mesmerizing precision by Neal McDonough. This mysterious stranger, akin to the biblical devil, becomes the catalyst for Kevin‘s banishment to a parallel Earth ruled by tyranny, setting the stage for a gripping journey of survival and redemption as Kevin tries to find his wife.

Kristoffer Polaha‘s portrayal of Kevin Garner is a standout element of the film. He convincingly captures the essence of a distraught man navigating the complexities of loss and facing the allure of wealth and power offered by The BenefactorPolaha‘s performance anchors the emotional core of the story, making Kevin‘s quest to reunite with the love of his life a compelling and relatable journey.

Kristoffer Polaha in The Shift (2023)

Neal McDonough‘s depiction of The Benefactor is nothing short of stellar. McDonough embodies the coy, sinister, and deceptive traits associated with the devil archetype. His presence adds a layer of tension to the narrative, and McDonough‘s performance contributes significantly to the film’s overall impact.

The film masterfully explores themes of faith, temptation, and the resilience of the human spirit. It serves as a source of inspiration, encouraging viewers to persevere in the face of adversity. The importance of prayer for Christians and the universal need for kindness are highlighted, making the film not only a cinematic experience but also a reflective journey for the audience.

One of the film’s strengths is its tasteful integration of sci-fi and faith elements. While not overtly religious, the core themes of faith, belief, and truth are subtly woven into the narrative. The film successfully maintains a delicate balance, allowing viewers to navigate the complexities of the sci-fi elements while discerning the symbolic undertones related to faith and religion.

The art direction deserves commendation for its seamless transitions between multiverse settings and dystopian landscapes. The visual experience enhances the storytelling, immersing the audience in the various dimensions of Kevin’s journey.

Neal McDonough in The Shift (2023)

Brock Heasley‘s eight-year dedication to bringing ‘The Shift’ to fruition is evident in the film’s quality. What started as a $500 short film has evolved into a feature-length thriller that not only entertains but also inspires and rekindles faith. The director’s commitment to the project is reflected in the intriguing cinematic experience that unfolds on screen.

While the film excels in many aspects, it may pose a challenge for viewers who prefer straightforward narratives. The temporal shifts between multiverses, a common characteristic of sci-fi films of similar themes, might be a source of confusion for some viewers. However, this complexity adds layers to the storytelling and rewards attentive viewers with a more profound appreciation of the narrative intricacies.

I will score this film 7.5/10. It stands as a testament to the power of storytelling, inspiring audiences and leaving a lasting impression that extends beyond the screen.

The Shift is a cinematic gem that successfully marries elements of faith and science fiction. With compelling performances, a thought-provoking narrative, and meticulous art direction, the film offers a unique and engaging experience. 

For religious persons, this is certainly a must-see film. It inspires faith and encourages the need for us to do good. Just like in the story of Job, this film serves as an exploration of the nature of suffering, the limits of human wisdom, and the importance of trusting in God even during difficult circumstances.



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