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Movie Review: ‘The War Between’ – A Slow-Burning Tale of Unity Amidst Division



The War Between” delves into the intricacies of human connection and survival amidst the backdrop of the American Civil War. 

Set against the unforgiving terrain of the Sonoran Desert, this film follows the journey of two soldiers from opposing sides who must set aside their differences to confront the harsh realities of their environment to survive and find their way back home. 

Penned by Ron Yungul and convincingly directed by Deborah Correa, the narrative unfolds around Private Moses Jennings ( played by Sam Bullington) and Corporal Terry (played by Damian Conrad Davis). Their chance encounter in the desert, following a skirmish near Tucson, propels them into an unlikely alliance as they navigate the challenges of thirst, danger, and introspection.

Damian Conrad Davis in ‘The War Between’.

A central element of the plot revolves around Corporal Terry’s amnesia, adding a layer of mystery and vulnerability to his character. Private Jennings, seizing the opportunity, assumes the role of guide and companion, leading to a series of revealing conversations and introspective moments. Flashback scenes and Terry‘s haunting dreams provide glimpses into his fragmented memories, enriching the narrative with depth and intrigue.

All that while, Terry‘s wife, Charlotte (portrayed by Essa O’Shea), embarks on a perilous journey to locate her husband. Along the way, she faces numerous obstacles, yet her unwavering love and determination to reunite with Terry drives her forward.

The film’s deliberate pacing may challenge some viewers, as events unfold without the expected sense of urgency. However, this measured approach allows for a nuanced exploration of the characters, their motivations and evolving dynamics. Despite occasional heated exchanges and encounters with adversaries, the pacing remains consistent, maintaining focus on the characters’ emotional journey.

Dialogue-heavy scenes offer insight into the characters’ inner thoughts and struggles, though they require attentive viewing to fully appreciate. The performances by the cast are commendable, with Bullington and Davis delivering nuanced portrayals that capture the intensity of their characters’ interactions.

Sam Bullington in ‘The War Between’.

Visually, “The War Between” transports viewers to the Civil War era with authenticity and attention to detail. From costume design to location choices, the film immerses audiences in the period setting, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Despite not being a major production, the attention to detail is praiseworthy

The Sonoran Desert serves as a formidable backdrop, symbolizing the harsh realities faced by the characters and highlighting the themes of resilience and endurance. As the story progresses, underlying messages of camaraderie, allegiance, and trust emerge, resonating with contemporary audiences.

The two men, who were initially adversaries through circumstance rather than personal fault, gradually come to understand each other’s backgrounds and rely on one another for survival and safety. In this process, they discover the possibility of friendship and recognize that they can share a common cause despite being pitted against each other on different sides of a war. 

While “The War Between” may not appeal to all audiences due to its deliberate pacing and dialogue-driven narrative, it remains a thought-provoking exploration of unity and division.

Despite its imperfections, the film transcends its historical setting to offer universal themes that are relevant in today’s society.

I will score this film 5/10.  It suffices to say, that “The War Between” is a slow-burning tale that rewards patient viewers with poignant insights and meaningful reflections on the human experience. While it may not achieve widespread acclaim, its artistic merit and thematic depth make it a film that might be appreciated by some. 


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