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Short Film Review: “Brothers In Arms” – Sibling Rivalry, Law & Crime



Brothers In Arms” is a gripping short film that weaves a tale of family, tragedy, and the complex dynamics between two brothers whose lives take divergent paths. Written and co-directed by Jordan Charles, who also takes on the lead role of Nick Destino, the film offers a fresh perspective on sibling rivalry within the framework of a crime thriller.

The narrative begins with a glimpse into the brothers’ childhood, establishing Nick as the quiet and reserved one resembling their mother, while Leon embodies the fiery nature of their father with a penchant for trouble. 

The voice-over narration efficiently sets the stage, hinting at the drama that is set to unfold courtesy of the dysfunctional lives that the brothers have had.

We are later on in the film let in on their father’s crime-filled history, adding layers of complexity to the brothers’ characters.

The film effectively portrays the brothers’ separation after their mother’s death, leading them down distinct life trajectories. Nick finds himself in law enforcement, driven by the sense of brotherhood it offers, while Leon (played by Vic Bagratuni) embraces a life of crime. The reunion of the siblings brings forth the impact of the years spent apart, with both unaware of each other’s whereabouts and the twists their lives have taken. Nick‘s discovery that their father is alive and raising Leon adds another layer of intrigue to the narrative.

Brothers In Arms” stands out with its well-crafted and shot crime thriller aesthetics. The opening shot, reminiscent of Nolan‘s “Inception,” sets an atmospheric tone, though the film ultimately distinguishes itself from such influences. The palpable intensity and impending clash between law enforcement and the criminal underbelly are skillfully built up, creating a sense of anticipation throughout the short film.

However, the film’s main drawback lies in its abrupt ending around the 36th minute. While the short effectively teases viewers with a compelling story, it leaves numerous questions unanswered. The lack of resolution on Nick and Leon‘s strained relationship, the fate of their father, and the outcome of Nick‘s pursuit of the criminal operation leave the audience unsatisfied.

The intentional decision to leave these questions unanswered might be seen as a tactic to generate interest in a potential feature-length film. The film’s intriguing premise, strong performances, and well-executed crime thriller elements undoubtedly make it worthy of expansion into a full-length feature. 

Brothers In Arms” successfully captures attention and teases a larger narrative, leaving the audience eager for a more comprehensive exploration of the characters and their fates.

I will score this short film out of 5 stars. Hopefully, it gets made into a full feature that provides us with all the satisfaction we need.

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