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Stage Play Review: “Embers of Love” – Another Win for Germinal Consult.



Barbra and Joe an everyday couple who are having trouble conceiving. Joe has a moment of weakness that results in him getting a total stranger pregnant. How would Barbra take this and what effect does it have on their marriage?

This is basically the main plot of this Nii Mantse directed stage play. Certainly, this was an intriguing stage play that makes you question the value of love and its power to conquer all.

Our playwright carefully plays around the subjects like heartbreak, rejection, trust love, insecurity and sacrifice. The sub plot focusing on the lives of Nicole and Frank (friends to Barbra and Joe) highlights the dynamics of most relationships nowadays. Insecure successful men would rather have their wives sitting at home and doing nothing but catering for their needs yet, still find it difficult to trust them. It’s an unsettling truth that trust is the basis of every relationship and it starts with honesty.

“Embers of love” is one of those plays meant for young couples that intend to get married. It has a way of making you analyze several situations young couples are likely to find their selves in.

At every point in time, you try to put yourself in the shoes of any of the character in a bid to not just sympathize of reason with them but also question what you would have done differently in such a situation.

The fairly young cast exhibited some level of dedication to the craft with their efforts at really selling this play. Their ability to keep their composure and keep with “the show must go on” mantra regardless of some few slip ups was really quite impressive.

Although the stage at the Church of Pentecost, Glory Temple, isn’t the most ideal platform for a play, Germinal Consult made good use of what they had available. They didn’t over sell it but eventually succeeded in impressing the audience with the overall performance.

With tiny bits of humor this intriguing play served us with a good enough portion of thought provoking scenarios to make us believe that love is only as strong as the efforts we make to keep it alive.

If you missed out on this production from Germinal Consult, be on the lookout for when next it would be staged as well as their subsequent productions to get a better feel of their innovative initiatives.

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