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Stage Play Review: Ebo Whyte’s “For Girls- The Spell” – A Riveting Journey Where Faith Meets Fear.



Uncle Ebo Whyte, a name that is not new to compelling stage narratives, weaves another tale in “For Girls- The Spell,” inviting the audience into a world where love, faith, and Christianity collide on the canvas of a university campus. 

The play unfolds with childhood friends Esther and Ivy eagerly entering a new chapter of their lives as university freshers and roommates. Little did they expect the twist of fate that awaits them in the form of Trinity, their seemingly worldly roommate, a social media content creator with a reputation for a carefree lifestyle.

The central conflict arises with the introduction of Dracula, a mysterious figure known for his notoriety as a cultist on campus. However, the play skillfully challenges preconceived notions, prompting the audience to question whether Dracula is indeed what he seems. The narrative explores how his presence becomes a significant challenge to Esther and Ivy‘s faith, forcing them to grapple with the uncertainties that love and fear can bring.

Throughout the play, the seasoned playwright underscores the enduring themes of love, faith, and the complexities of Christian beliefs. The power of prayer takes centre stage, serving as a recurring motif. The audience is reminded that having faith is not just about knowing how and when to pray but also understanding the profound connection between faith and the mind.

Set against the backdrop of a university campus, the play taps into very relatable experiences. The portrayal of overzealous Christians and the ominous campus ‘bad boy’ is both relatable and nostalgic, stirring memories for anyone who has navigated the intricacies of campus life. Uncle Ebo Whyte masterfully draws parallels between the onstage drama and real-life encounters, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with the audience.

Despite the unfamiliar setting of Burma Hall, a departure from the size of the National Theatre stage, the Roverman Productions team skillfully maximizes the space. The well-designed hostel room becomes the focal point, serving as the backdrop for the unfolding drama. The utilization of the apron(the area in front of the stage), adds depth to external scenes, especially during the lively Jama sessions that involve a large number of characters.

The heart of “For Girls- The Spell” lies in its powerful message about faith and the vulnerability of the human mind to falsehoods, particularly those that evoke fear. Ebo Whyte prompts reflection on the choices we make in the face of uncertainty and challenges the audience to confront their fears and beliefs.

In conclusion, “For Girls- The Spell” is a captivating exploration of the intersection between faith, love, and fear. Ebo Whyte’s narrative prowess, coupled with the impressive performances of the cast, delivers a thought-provoking and emotionally charged theatrical experience.

Long after the curtain calls, the echoes of the play’s resonant message linger, inviting the audience to ponder the delicate dance between faith and the fear of the unknown.

I will score this production 3.5 out of 5 stars.

You can also catch “For Girls- The Spell” at the Burma Hall on Friday 8th December at 7 pm, Saturday 9th December at 4 pm and 8 pm and then also on Sunday 10th December at 1 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm. Tickets are selling at 150GHC.


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