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Stage Play Review: “The Legend” – The Life of Sheikh Nuhu Osmanu Sharubutu Celebrated.



It’s always good when great men are celebrated, revered and honored especially whilst they are alive. What better ways to celebrate the life and achievements of a living legend than through a play that captures all aspects of his life. After all is better to acknowledge and learn from our legends before they pass. Highlighting the real-life experiences of these prominent people provides the younger generation with something to look up to and aspire towards whilst conditioned them to contribute to influencing society positively.

Globe Productions put together, ‘The legend’ as a humor packed play, infused with beautiful cultural music and dance that details the life, struggles and triumphs of Sheikh Nuhu Osmanu Sharubutu, The National Chief Iman.

The play starts off with a narration of his linage and how he was born. It also captures how growing up was for him as well as his education and influences whilst also showcasing some traditional rights of passage as well as some Islamic rights and Quran recitals.

The narrations by the actors are powerful and very well delivered. You find your self getting drawn into the play with each act as a new chapter of the Sheikh’s life is revealed.

The play also detailed the times in his life when he first came into contact with some equally revered Christian Leaders like Most Reverend Palmer Buckle and Apostle Opoku Onyinah. Their special appearance and presence on the stage to share those sides of the story gave more credence to the greatness of the legend this play was put together to celebrate.

Besides this being beautifully woven together with music and dance this play is laced with many jewels and lessons the speak on the importance of peace amongst all faiths and how that contributes to nation building.  We also appreciate the small elements of contemporary music and dance that elicited the right emotions of love and affection that was used to detail the part of his life when he met his wife.  All this was done with a decent measure of humor and that makes sure you enjoy this play.

We would rate this play a well-deserved 4 out of 5 stars. Its intent was clear and well delivered on albeit the pardonable challenges with the sound.

Even as a Christian you get to appreciate the beauty of the Islamic faith and its teachings whilst also enjoying cultural music and dances significant with tribes from the Northern part of Ghana.

This play happens to be the first of an annual series being put together by playwright Latif Abubakar and his Globe Productions and we can’t wait to see which other legend would be celebrated next year and subsequent years after that.

If you ever hear about the story of Sheikh Nuhu Osmanu Sharubutu being staged again, do not hesitate to go see it, you are guaranteed of better appreciation of his life and legacy.

If you were at the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City to see this play, share with us your thoughts on it in the comments section below.

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