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Stage Play Review: Uncle Ebo Whyte’s “Special Delivery” On Keeping Hope Alive.



Let us keep hope alive in struggles and the worst possible situations.

Uncle Ebo Whtye with his Roverman Productions no doubt made this Easter a memorable one for all who patronized their first play for the year. This time around he decided to title it “Special Delivery”. You wondering why the title right? We went into the play with the same question on our minds and the answer blew us away.

This stage play tells a story of a family, with Auntie Mary who has carefully crafted a beautiful and godly image for herself and her family; but it is all about to unravel on her 75th birthday as her daughter, under the influence of alcohol, drops one bombshell after another. By the time she is done, Auntie Mary is running for cover and the boys are out searching for a man “killed” 25 years ago but who refuses to stay buried.

Special Delivery has it all. A blend of suspense, thrills, the funny side and the ugly of an everyday family with secrets. This play brings to light some real-life events our society today seem to frown on but secretly turn a blind eye in times when it will only bring disgrace to families. We can’t help but commend Roverman production for the choice of cast in this play.  A total set of fresh faces who did more than just impress us. They executed their characters so well leaving no traces of being newbies on the Roverman stage.

The ever delectable songstress Yaa Yaa who plays the role of Eva,  the daughter of Auntie Mary fit into the play very well. She gracefully owned the stage and delivered on her role flawlessly. Talent indeed is nothing without hard work and you could tell from her delivery that she had indeed mastered has role in the play.

One will notice the extent of sarcasm used entirely in this play as it doesn’t only keep you bursting in sporadic uncontrolled laughter but keeps you wanting for more as you eagerly wait for who says what next. The music and dance are two things that cannot easily separated in any Ebo Whyte play and you get that too in good measure in this play. The choice of songs, sung by the cast at the various moments of the play gave seemed to connect well with the situations and provided the additional emotional strings for those acts.

Although the play delivered on exactly on what it intended to do a few production elements fell out of place for us. Some echoes and terrible feedback from the speakers at certain times felt piercing to the ear.  But the characters did well to keep up necessary “show must go on” attitude to keep the performances going.

The props sometimes seemed out of place for us but costuming and scenery were well coordinated. The LED stage screens gave more reality and detailing to the stage set up. They were untimely in carrying out their work.

Roverman Productions never ceases to impress us and did amazingly well with Special Delivery as has become typical with them. would score this play a well-deserved of 4.7/5 stars.

If you ever felt the need to give up with no sign of hope in your life, this is the play that should not only awaken you but strengthen you to keep up the fight. The special delivery here was the message of hope and for us it couldn’t have come at a better time than this season of Easter.

If you couldn’t make it to the national theatre this weekend, make sure you go see Special Delivery next weekend, 7th and 8th April respectively at the National Theatre at 4pm and 8pm each day.

If you saw last night’s staging of “Special Delivery” do well to share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Remember To Keep Hope Alive!!!



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