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What You Should Expect In “The NEW Adabraka”, Zylofon Films’ First Outing



After the very long wait we finally get to see what Eddie Nartey and his Zylofon Film signees have been up to. They are finally ready to grace us with their first film which is titled “The NEW Adabraka”  written and directed by Zylofon Film’s A&R, Eddie Nartey.

The film’s synopsis reads,

“The current economic challenges in the country has led a lot of young men into self-destruction. While a few employed toil to make a cedi, many of the youth are taking shortcuts to make money through any means and one popular trade among the unemployed youth in Ghana is internet scam.”

The movie centers on three unemployed friends, ESCOBA, SEAN JOHN, & GENIE who are involved in internet scam game. They don’t only lack money but have lost respect among their friends. For this, they visit the holy shrine of MAMA GLIZDI but the task involved before their riches is horrendous and yet ends in embittered consequences.

The film features all the 5 signees to Zylofon Films; James Gardiner, Toosweet Annan, Zynnell Zuh, Benedicta Gafah and Bibi Bright as well as Richard Asante (Kalybos)Eddie Nartey, Prince David Osei, Jessica Williams and Stella Anarkwa.

The New ADABRAKA” is scheduled to be premiered on 7th December, 2018 at the Silverbird Cinemas – Accra Mall at 7:00pm & 9:30pm with tickets going for GH₵40.00.


I am a huge fun of drama, whether faked or in its reality. Well my mirror makes it easier, whispering always “Best Actress of the Year”. My passion for movies and play dates back to my infantile roles seeing no effort in its outburst and development. Scrutiny of scripts and accuracy of lines is nature to me. I pursue humor to the letter ‘r’ and chase after quality. My most cherished hobby is playing with words. Favorite movie is yet to be produced but I do know that I would definitely find myself on set one day. The best is not too far from here..

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