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Trailer Alert: Take A Look at Stacey Darkwaah Duah’s “Chocolate Coloured Sweetheart”



Chocolate Colored Sweetheart is a heart-warming story about a Nigerian mother, who teaches her nonchalant British-born Nigerian-Zimbabwean daughters the importance of self-love. In a world that capitalizes and profits from our insecurities and the faults we find in ourselves.

Director Stacey Darkwaah Duah, Chocolate Coloured Sweetheart (2018)

Written, directed and produced by Stacey Darkwaah Duah, a British-Ghanaian filmmaker born on April 5, 1997 to Ghanaian West African parents residing in the United Kingdom. A talented wordsmith, screenwriter and film director hailing from the North London Borough of Islington and an alumnus of the British Film Institute’ Film Academy.

Chocolate Coloured Sweetheart (2018) marks her directorial debut. She’s revealed that the concept of the film came after a conversation she had with her younger sister about her unfortunate experience(s) of colourism.

“At first, I found it quite difficult to relate to what my sister was saying seeing as, although I’m not light-skinned myself, my younger sister is a lot darker than I am. So, I’ve never experienced colourism in the same way that she has, which meant that I didn’t understand or relate to a lot of what she’d been through and was saying” she explained.

The film incorporates themes such as, the necessity for self-love, unity, family, sisterhood, motherhood, identity and friendship within the story.

As a filmmaker, she takes great inspiration from the likes of Shirley Frimpong-Manso, Frank Rajah Arase, Pascal Amanfo, Jackie Appiah, Abdul Salam Mumuni, Ava DuVernay, Pascal Aka, and Amma Asante.

Watch Trailer for Chocolate Coloured Sweetheart below.

Judging from the trailer, the film promises an emotionally driven ride that is sure to carry a weighty message.

The 22min short film features acting performances from Cherie Duah, Toni Madja, Nia Deacon as well as Zipporah Frempomaa George and it’s currently wrapping up on post production.

We will do well to update you further on release and screening details as and when they are confirmed #fortheloveoffilm.



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Chocolate Coloured Sweetheart 2018 – Official Poster

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