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Series Review: Ghana Jollof – Humor Served!



The spicy first Showmax Original comedy-drama ‘Ghana Jollof’ is finally here. 

The first episode introduces us to the main characters. Using documentary-style interviews, with each character taking turns seated in front of a backdrop and detailing how they met each other and their days in the University of Lagos (Unilag).

Romanus (Akah Nnani) and Jasper (Funnybone) are the first to meet in their hostel room on their first day at the University of Lagos. Jasper is quick to show off his ‘supposed;’ smartness and intelligence. He comes off as an overachiever and from the linage of academics. Romanus, on the other hand, is an unexposed, hustler from a humble background.

Then in walks Nnamdi (Uzor Arukwe), a flamboyant fast-talking, street-savvy Lagosian. He shares his first impressions about meeting the two. To him, he was certainly going to be the leader of the pack with his street smarts and ‘loaded’ pockets. Or so he thought for a moment. 

Just as the three get more acquainted with themselves, in walks the heartthrob, a very stylish and fashionable Kweku (James Gardiner), a Ghanaian who flew in to study at UniLag. His swagger is intimidating to the others especially Nnamdi Although he refuses to admit it at first, it is revealed that his only motivation for choosing to school in Lagos is a woman, a gorgeous damsel who absolutely gives him the run-around. 

James Gardener in Ghana Jollof (2021)

The story fasts forwards two years on. Romanus had to drop out of school and couldn’t graduate. Kweku has his own reasons for also quitting school halfway and returning to Ghana.  Jasper and Nnamdi who have graduated are struggling to find jobs so they decide to need to travel for green pastures. 

Subsequently, Jasper and Romanus decide to head to Ghana to come to join their friend Kweku hustle in Accra.  And that’s where the adventures are about to start. 

The Showmax original series directed by AMVCA nominee Diji Aderogba is expected to feature a host of Nigerian and Ghanaian cast including AMAA nominee Joselyn Dumas, leading comedienne Jacinta OcanseyMawuli Gavor popular reality star Portia Freelove, veteran actor Jackson Albert Davies as well as award-winning comedian/actor Kalybos.

Hopefully, we get to see how they all added up to the story for the slated 13 episodes for the first season.

The first episode already eludes to how funny this series intends to be. Just a few minutes in and there is certainly enough to make you laugh. The humour is not the typical plain silliness or crazy shenanigans you might have noticed from several comedy skits.


Jasper for instance keeps saying he is a first-class student with a straight face and Romanus has to keep reminding him that he actually graduated with a second class and distinction honours like he wants everyone else to believe. And the exchange between the two is enough to crack a smile at least. 

It’s quite obvious that the series produced by one of Nigeria’s favourite stand up comedians, Basketmouth would certainly be humour littered.

For a season premiere, Ghana Jollof seems to be on the right path ready to serve a very well-prepared dish of entertainment garnished with decent amounts of humour.

You can catch new episodes of Ghana Jollof available for streaming weekly on Showmax (here) starting this Friday 22nd October 2021.


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