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“Caught in the Middle”, A Hilarious Comedy Special by OKOKOBIOKO this September!



The realm of comedy shows has been experiencing a lively resurgence in the neighbouring cities of Accra lately, drawing enthusiastic crowds of comedy enthusiasts. It’s truly exhilarating to witness the thriving success of the Comedy Industry.

This coming September, comedy aficionados will find themselves in a delightful dilemma as they balance their desire for more laughter with bidding farewell to yet another side-splitting comedy extravaganza, brought to you by none other than “OKOKOBIOKO.” The uproarious event is aptly titled “Caught in the Middle.”

Among the captivating comedians who have graced numerous stages, spreading joy through their humour and presiding over various events as Masters of Ceremony, OKOKOBIOKO stands out. This occasion marks his inaugural comedy special, promising a rollercoaster of laughter and featuring a stellar lineup of comedic talents, including Clemento SuarezOB AmponsahPutoGoKhemicalTee KayShegelaborPararan, and many more.

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable comedy experience, “Caught in the Middle,” slated to be one of September’s most anticipated and entertaining comedy events. All paths lead to the iconic National Theatre in Accra on September 16th, 7 pm, for the premiere edition of OKOKOBIOKO’s sidesplitting comedy special.

Secure your ticket with a modest fee of ¢150.00 for a Regular Ticket or ¢250.00 for a VIP Ticket.

 Alternatively, you can conveniently purchase and reserve your tickets by dialling *447*2317#. Don’t miss this exciting evening of laughter and entertainment.

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