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Celebrating World Earth Day With Trailblazing Filmmaker, Anne De Carbuccia: Leading the Fight Against Climate Change



In the urgent battle against climate change, there are individuals who transcend the ordinary, whose work and vision not only inspire but actively instigate change. Anne De Carbuccia stands as a beacon of hope and action in this fight, her contributions encapsulated in the compelling documentary “Earth Protectors” and her impactful foundation, One Planet One Future.

Earth Protectors” is not just a documentary; it’s a call to arms. Written and directed by Anne De Carbuccia herself, the film is a profound exploration of our planet’s environmental struggles in the Anthropocene era. Through her lens, viewers are transported around the globe, witnessing firsthand the devastating effects of human activities on the Earth. From fires and floods to pollution and pandemics, Anne lays bare the stark reality of our collective impact on the environment.

What you appreciate most about “Earth Protectors” apart is its ability to blend artistry with activism. Anne‘s background as an environmental artist shines through as she creatively documents the Earth’s plight through her “time shrines” installations. These poignant artworks serve as symbols of loss, reminding us of what we stand to lose if we continue on our current trajectory.

Moreover, Anne‘s commitment to effecting change extends beyond the realm of filmmaking. Through her foundation, One Planet One Future, she harnesses the power of art to raise awareness and inspire action on climate breakdown and other human-caused threats to the planet. By organizing free exhibitions worldwide and supporting NGOs dedicated to environmental protection, Anne amplifies the message of urgency and responsibility.

At the heart of Anne’s work lies a deep sense of purpose and passion. Her travels to some of the world’s most remote locations underscore her dedication to documenting endangered environments, species, and cultures. Through her art and filmmaking, she challenges us to move beyond the human-centered mindset and embrace a more holistic approach to our relationship with the planet.

As we celebrate World Earth Day today, it is important that we recognize trailblazing creatives like Anne De Carbuccia who are leading the charge for a sustainable future. Her tireless efforts remind us that each individual has a role to play in protecting our planet and that together, we can make a difference.

Anne‘s upcoming projects, including the docu-fiction short film “Refugia” and the multimedia art series “Follow the Thread,” promise to further ignite conversation and action around environmental conservation. Let us rally behind her and continue to support initiatives that strive to safeguard the only home we have: planet Earth.

She has created a foundation which in its essence is a “message in a bottle” for the future generations of our universe to see and read about.

The One Planet One Future Foundation is a US public charity, based in New York and Milan, Italy. Anne de Carbuccia established the foundation in 2016, and its mission is to raise awareness on climate breakdown and human-caused threats to the Planet and to inspire individual and collective action. It is funded by donations from individuals and corporations, as well as by the sale of artworks. All proceeds are used to organize free exhibitions around the world, to support NGOs that work in the field to protect our Planet and for the educational project.

The organization uses the universal language of art to draw attention to human-caused threats to the planet and to inspire people to act. Through art, education, video and film, it is our mission to engage people around the world and show them that there is still time to make a difference. Wether individually or collectively we can all work towards creating a positive Anthropocene.

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