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Feature Article: Passion & Faith, the Ethos of Miss Fortune. – The Rise of A Star.



It’s been ages since I crossed paths with Bless, probably several months. Despite knowing each other for a good five years, our schedules had been playing hard to get. My introverted tendencies had been the culprit, dodging our plans to meet up and catch up. Life had its grip on me, and meeting up with Bless seemed like a distant possibility. But, as fate would have it, the stars aligned, and we finally met up for drinks.

Now, let me introduce you to Bless – a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment space. Miss Fortune, as I choose to call her at times, is not just a rising star; she’s a versatile actress, a TV show host, an activist, and an aspiring attorney. You might recognize her as the leading lady from the hit Akwaaba Magic TV show, Inside Out, or as the captivating figure in SEVSU and other notable productions gracing both the small and silver screens.

Our casual reunion took place in a cosy, unassuming restaurant in Accra – nothing too fancy, nothing too crowded. I won’t drop the restaurant’s name intentionally; this year, my time and talents aren’t up for grabs without a price tag.

Bless strolls in, rocking a pair of jeans, a cute white blouse under a loosely draped jacket, and black sneakers – a perfect ensemble for a laid-back Sunday afternoon, she has it down to a science.

As we settle in, I can’t help but notice her newly dyed hair, prompting me to inquire. She chuckles, revealing that the impulsive change happened just before a recent surgery. The gravity of her words hits me – I had forgotten that she underwent surgery merely 11 days before our meet-up.

Yet, there she sits, radiating positivity. All is well, and she assures me of that. We steer the conversation towards her work, and she nonchalantly mentions some film projects lined up for 2024. Testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft.

Bless Fortune embarked on her acting journey right after high school, landing a role in the unreleased TV series, “Sex and Wassce.” Her decision to pursue acting defied the conventional expectations that nudged her towards the army or nursing due to her physique. It was a comment from someone likening her to Mercy Johnson that sparked the flame. “When I first saw her, I saw myself,” she reminisces. “If someone that looks like me is on screen, I can be there too.”

Much like her idol, Bless is passionate about her craft, often taking on emotionally charged roles that require her to bear fragments of her true self. The conversation delves into her zeal for acting, and she confesses, “I am very passionate about my craft, and it scares me sometimes.” Her roles leave an indelible mark, with viewers expressing how they resonate with the emotions she portrays. “I am a very emotional being that likes to fully embody characters and make people feel what the character is feeling”. she added.  For me, I am convinced that many people who have seen any of the films she has been in can attest to this.

Our orders arrive at this point. I opted for a refill of my spirit on ice with a slice of lemon I was sipping on, and she decided without any hesitation on fresh pineapple juice. – a conscious choice for Bless post her recent health scare.  “Lately, I am watching everything I eat and drink” she chipped in.

It has been over a decade already since she ventured into acting and starred in the TV series that never saw the light of day, but she has featured in several notable productions and has already to her credit, acting performance nominations in both Ghana Movie Awards as well as the African Movie Academy Awards.

Like many up-and-rising talents, Miss Fortune has not had smooth sailing in these wild waters of our competitive film industry. As most conversations with industry persons go, we ended up chatting a bit about some of the struggles she has faced and still could be facing trying to grow in this space. She reflects on the challenges faced by emerging talents like herself.  Dark-skinned and undeterred, she has encountered biases that favour lighter-skinned actors for major roles, but she persists.

“They said things like, I don’t have a big ass, too skinny, my nose was not nice.. blah blah”. “But I persisted. This is something I want to do. I believe it is my calling” she added.

Observing her closely, my attention lingered on her, appreciating the richness of her dark skin and the softness of her rounded cheeks – subtle signs of weight gain. However, the narrative took an intriguing turn when she casually mentioned this being her “calling.”

At that moment, my gaze shifted to the gold crucifix adorning her neck. It wasn’t lost on me that, throughout our conversation, she had been sharing her thoughts with an almost sermon-like tone, emphasizing her unwavering faith and the divine support that had carried her through even the challenges of surgery. Familiar with her declarations of being a child of grace and her profound love for Christ, it seemed fitting.

Spontaneously, driven by curiosity, I asked, “When did you start taking Christianity and your faith so seriously?”

A moment of silence ensued as if she were carefully considering my question. Then, she embarked on a response that unfolded like an impromptu sermon. “I had a rough childhood filled with a lot of trauma. I was always enveloped in anger and sadness due to the challenges I was navigating. Even in those trying times, I knew God, but I struggled to grasp the reasons behind my belief,” she began. “I was taught about our Father in heaven, and I always found peace and safety in turning to Him with my troubles and burdens. He has consistently been there for me,” she added. “I would say that my pain, my trauma, all of it drew me closer to Him.”

She continued to unfold the narrative of her deepening faith in God over the years, emphasizing how she could tangibly sense His presence in her life. “Believe me, I’ve found myself in numerous situations where I had no one else to turn to. Through prayer, somehow, someway, things would take a turn for the better. That, for me, is undeniable proof of God’s existence.”

My question seemed to ignite a passionate flame within her, and with a beaming smile and unwavering conviction, she extended her impromptu sermon. “To me, this talent I possess is a divine gift from God – not just for my benefit, but for me to share with the rest of the world,” she declared. “As an actor, I view my career as a ministry to spread my faith, which is why I am careful in choosing the roles I take on and the characters I portray. It’s this same unwavering faith that has propelled me to where I am today. The dreams I aspire to achieve, I haven’t even realized them yet, but people recognize and acknowledge the impact of my work.”

What I find truly admirable and worthy of respect is her deliberate avoidance of controversies. In an industry that often dictates the necessity of sensational actions or statements to remain relevant and sought after, she has managed to keep a low profile. Miss Fortune doesn’t succumb to the pressure of courting attention through outlandish behaviour or adding her voice to trending topics merely for the sake of publicity. Surprisingly, this approach seems to be working well for her.

However, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was a conscious effort on her part or if she acknowledged that she might have achieved even greater prominence by being more vocal or slightly controversial on social media.

In response to my inquiry, she shared a valuable lesson life had taught her. She emphasized the importance of careful consideration before passing judgment on situations. With humility, she expressed her reluctance to criticize others for their choices, acknowledging that the diverse experiences people go through might lead them down different paths. Taking the road less travelled, she acknowledged, comes with its challenges, but it aligns with her authentic nature.

She firmly stated, “I won’t involve myself in matters that don’t concern me.” Adding to her stance, she affirmed, “But of course, I am an activist so if there is something that requires that I add my voice to, I won’t stay silent.”

I praised her decision to embrace the challenges of activism, expressing my belief that our society could greatly benefit from more young individuals, especially women, championing causes and spearheading the charge for change across various aspects of our lives.

She skillfully navigated back to her discourse on faith and the gifts she believes are meant for good. She delved into the escape she finds in the roles she embodies, expressing, “This is my ministry. I want people through my acting discover parts of themselves that they didn’t know existed” she professed.

She briefly discussed how missing out on certain well-deserved awards didn’t discourage her. She emphasized being on a greater mission with her craft and talents.

In a sudden realization, I recalled that she had ventured into writing alongside her acting career. Curiously, I inquired, “How many films or TV shows have you contributed to as a writer?”

With confidence, she replied, “I’ve contributed to three films and one TV series so far. There’s also a project in the works for Ruth Kadiri; I’m eagerly awaiting theirs so we can start the collaboration.”

Opening up about her writing journey, she admitted to being in the learning phase, acknowledging her novice status in the field. Yet, she emphasized her dedication to improvement, stating, “I have many impactful stories I want to tell through film I am learning and researching so that anything I put out is not just aesthetically pleasing but also factual and educational. I don’t want anyone watching a film I’ve written to say I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

As our conversation unfolded, I also shared personal stories about the feedback I’ve received regarding my work. I highlighted how individuals’ perspectives toward films and the industry, in general, have been influenced by the impact of my reviews and articles. We both acknowledged that it’s a less-travelled path, but we should forge our course nonetheless.

However, our discussion took an unexpected turn towards the topic of marriage, and she swiftly remarked, “At this point in my career, I fear marriage might slow me down. But when the time comes,  and  I am ready, it will happen.”

By this juncture, we had engaged in nearly 90 minutes of conversation. I began to sense that my social energy was running low, and a yearning for the comfort and tranquillity of my own space started to emerge. Consequently, we mutually agreed to conclude our meeting, with plans to reconnect on another day.

As we parted ways, I had our conversations running through my mind. Bless Fortune, beyond being a rising star, is a testament to resilience, authenticity, and an unwavering faith that transcends the glitz and glamour of this creative industry. It is evident that her journey is not just about acting; it’s a purposeful odyssey, a testament to the power of staying true to oneself in a world that often demands conformity.

Miss Fortune is certainly driven by her passion for the art of filmmaking. She is talented but endeavors to learn and grow. And despite the challenges she faces, she is grounded by her faith. She is resolute that at the end of it all, she triumphs because her faith doesn’t flutter and that this path she has chosen is indeed her ministry.

And those are her ethos.

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