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Documentary Review: “Earth Protectors” – Anne de Carbuccia’s Chronicles of Change



Earth Protectors,” a documentary film written and directed by Anne de Carbuccia, is a poignant exploration of the environmental challenges faced by our planet in the Anthropocene era. 

Anne, who is not only the filmmaker but also a subject in the film, takes viewers on a journey around the world, using her art installations to creatively document the impact of human activities on the Earth. The film delves into urgent issues such as fires, floods, pollution, super typhoons, and a deadly virus, emphasizing the need for humanity to adapt to the profound changes caused by our actions.

The documentary introduces Anne’s background, revealing that her inspiration to become an environmental artist stems from her father, the publisher of famed ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau. In 2013, she began photographing what she calls “time shrines,” installations that incorporate natural elements of the location, hourglasses symbolizing the passing of time, and a skull representing the passage of life. Through these installations, Anne aims to depict the essence of a place—what it once was, what it stands to lose, and what has already been lost.

One of the film’s strengths lies in its diverse portrayal of the impacts of climate change across the globe. Anne‘s expeditions take her to places ravaged by fires, deforestation, and climate change, providing a firsthand look at the consequences of human actions. The documentary also highlights interactions with tribes whose cultures inherently promote Earth protection, offering insights into how things have changed and worsened, and how they can improve.

As Anne shares her experiences, the film seamlessly weaves in facts and data, providing a well-rounded educational experience. Dr. Julie Pullen, an Earth Science & Oceanographer, contributes valuable insights into the various manifestations of climate change. The documentary effectively utilizes Anne‘s installations to symbolically represent the consequences of human actions on the environment.

The film’s focus on youth involvement and activism adds another layer to its narrative. By showcasing young individuals committed to environmental causes, “Earth Protectors” emphasizes the importance of the next generation in effecting positive change. The documentary also explores the role of technology in promoting environmental responsibility, offering a nuanced perspective on how innovation can contribute to sustainable practices.

Anne’s creative process in developing her installations is showcased throughout the film, highlighting her artistic prowess. The visuals are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve as powerful tools for storytelling. The documentary manages to strike a balance between informative content and artistic expression, making it engaging for a diverse audience.

In the latter part of the film, “Earth Protectors” confronts viewers with the harsh reality of our current trajectory in treating the Earth. It serves as a wake-up call, reminding us of the collective responsibility we bear and the urgent need for change. Despite the sombre tone, the documentary concludes with a call to action, emphasizing that every individual can make a significant difference.

While documentaries like “Earth Protectors” may require some effort to fully appreciate, the depth of information and the urgency of the message make it a worthwhile watch. The film serves as a poignant reminder that humanity must act now to address the very real and visible impacts of climate change and that each person has a role to play in securing a sustainable future for our planet.

I will score this documentary film 3.5/5 stars.

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