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Documentary Review: “A Binding Truth” – Friendship, Slavery’s Legacy and Uncomfortable Pasts.



A Binding Truth” is a poignant documentary that transcends the boundaries of time and memory to explore the deep and emotional connections between two high school classmates, Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick and Hugh “De” Kirkpatrick

The film delves into their intertwined histories, unveiling the profound impact of America’s dark legacy of slavery on their families, and by extension, on themselves.

The documentary takes viewers on a journey through time, weaving together the past and the present. At the heart of the narrative are two contrasting emotional experiences that De and Jimmie undergo as they connect the dots of their family histories and confront the harsh truths of their ancestors’ roles in the complex web of slavery.

One of the most striking aspects of “A Binding Truth” is its ability to evoke raw, unfiltered emotions. There are points in the documentary where the subjects grapple with the weight of history, and the film doesn’t shy away from capturing these moments. As they unearth the hidden chapters of their family trees, the emotions are palpable. It’s here that the documentary shines, as it reveals the pain and anger etched into Jimmie‘s face when he discovers how poorly his forefathers were treated. The absence of proper graves with headstones for their burials serves as a visceral reminder of the dehumanizing legacy of slavery. 

This revelation is not just a historical fact; it’s a wound that Jimmie carries with him, a scar that runs through generations, and it’s impossible not to feel the weight of his sorrow.

In stark contrast, De’s experience is characterized by a different set of emotions, equally profound but distinct. The feeling of regret and disappointment engulfs him as he comes to terms with his family’s role in the slave trade. The realization that his family had once owned Jimmie’s family is a heavy burden to bear, and the documentary allows De the space to express these emotions honestly. His journey is marked by self-reflection, and it’s heartening to witness his willingness to confront the past, even when that past is painful. De‘s emotional journey is a reminder that understanding and acknowledging historical wrongs can be a step towards healing and reconciliation.

The film’s strength lies in its ability to balance the personal and emotional with the broader historical context. “A Binding Truth” is not just a story of two men; it reflects America’s sordid past and the lasting impact of slavery. The filmmakers skillfully use Jimmie and De‘s experiences as a lens through which we can examine the history of America.

For an African like myself, it is a bit enranging to learn that nearly 40% of the Mecklenburg County’s population was enslaved in 1860. A population that could include many of my ancestors who were taken from the Gold Coast of Ghana, stripped off their names and true identities and forced to bear the names of their slave masters

Another thing that makes the documentary all the more compelling is the enduring friendship between Jimmie and De. Despite the uncomfortable truths they unearth, they remain friends, united by their shared history and the journey of discovery. Their friendship is a testament to the power of forgiveness in healing and growth.

The documentary’s conclusion leaves the audience with a mix of emotions—hope, sadness, and a call to action. It reminds us that the actions of previous generations are not our responsibility, but acknowledging these wrongdoings and committing to a more compassionate future is our duty. Jimmie‘s resilience throughout the film serves as an inspiring example of how facing painful truths can lead to healing and reconciliation.

The filmmakers brilliantly weave in the success of both Jimmie and De in sports and academia which in many ways does inspire the viewer. At the start of the documentary, you would think that it is a sports documentary about a legendary high school/college football team or a star player. But as it unfolds you realize that the film is deeper than just sports. 

A Binding Truth” is a profoundly moving documentary that skillfully navigates the emotional terrain of two very different people, two races and their legacies. 

This documentary is a must-watch, offering a deeply personal and emotionally charged exploration of history and humanity.

I would score this documentary film 4 out of 5 stars.

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