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Efia Odo, Sista Afia and more open up their lives in GH Queens, now streaming on Showmax



Binge-watch all 10 episodes of the reality series, plus an explosive 3-part reunion
Reality fans buckle up: the Ghanaian queens have arrived in full swing on Showmax. Expect drama and chaos in the first reality show of its kind in Ghana.
All 10 episodes of the Ghananian reality show, GH Queens, are now available to stream on Showmax, including a fiery three-part reunion hosted by Bernard Fiifi Yankey.
Launched in April 2022 on Akwaaba Magic, GH Queens follows four fiery young women gracing the Ghanaian entertainment scene, not only with their crafts, but also with their widely publicized social media platforms, and all the gossip and drama surrounding their lives. From who they’re dating (or trying to date) to who they’re partying with to who they’re doing business with to who they’re beefing with, GH Queens has it all.
QH Queens is created by Ayebea ‘BZ’ Darko and directed by Awal Mohammed.
Meet the cast and what to expect:
Efia Odo
“I’m best known for not wearing bras. That’s what got me famous.” This is the first thing we hear from controversial and unapologetic actress and model Efia Odo before she opens us up to her drama-filled world. Efia describes herself as a “free-spirited person who doesn’t care what other people have to say about her.”
We get to follow her journey as she explores her acting skills and goes searching for love in the most controversial way that only Efia can pull off. Efia also revisits her #FixtheCountry campaign that saw her get arrested alongside Ghanaian activists in 2021, stressing that she’s still passionate about bringing change in Ghana.
Sista Afia
“This music that I’m doing means so much to me because music is my life.” Ghanaian singer-songwriter Sista Afia, who describes herself as a “sensational highlife songstress”, has captivated fans with her music, which has earned her various nominations and collaborations with the likes of Shatta Wale and Sarkodie. But she doesn’t like to describe herself as famous as she reveals on GH Queens, just “privileged and acknowledged.”
We get to experience her love for music as she takes us through her journey in the music industry, while revisiting some career scandals and drama that have made headlines in Ghana.
On a more personal note, we also get to follow Sista Afia as she tries to rekindle an old flame. But is it too late?
Coco Trey
“What I want the world to know is that there are very talented female artists here in Ghana…I’m the queen of the streets.” Netherlands-born Ghanaian singer Coco Trey is all about her music, and of course some drama, conflict and tensions, as her collaboration with another Ghanaian musician doesn’t go according to plan.
As we follow Coco’s budding singing career, which includes some studio time and a video shoot with rapper Bosom P-Yung, GH Queens also highlights her five-year friendship with fellow cast member Efia, which is not without its challenges.
Abyna Marie
“People actually know me as a no-nonsense lady.” Entrepreneur and influencer Abyna Marie doesn’t pass up an opportunity to “hustle” and make some money as an independent, young woman in Ghana.
This go-getting attitude gets her on the wrong side with Efia, who will not miss an opportunity to speak her mind and put someone in their place. But Abyna is equally up for the challenge, culminating in a very explosive reunion. Yes, some hands might have been thrown.
Binge all 10 episodes of GH Queens, plus the three-part reunion, on Showmax. For more reunion drama, also stream The Real Housewives of Lagos: Reunion Part 1 on Friday 1 July, exclusively on Showmax, with Part 2 coming on Friday 8 July.

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