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Ghanaian Short Film ‘Captain’s Corner’ Receives Official Selection at TINFF



The short film, written and directed by Mark Cofie Jnr. has received an official selection for this year’s Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF). 

In “Captain’s Corner,” Adam and his friends play matchmaker for Jason, coercing him into a blind date. Expecting a report in the evening, the friends are disheartened when Jason’s tale diverges from their guidelines. It becomes evident that Jason has a surprise in store, keeping everyone intrigued.

The film showcases a talented ensemble of emerging Ghanaian actors who are quickly gaining recognition. The cast features Gideon Kojo Boakye, Brian Angels, Darlyn Adu, Al-Amin Alhassan, Cephas Nii Odartey Lamptey, and Bright James Amenonyoh, all on their way to becoming well-known figures in the industry.

This coveted selection comes as a culmination of the short film’s impressive journey across the festival circuit. Prior to its TINFF selection, “Captain’s Corner” has captivated audiences at esteemed events such as The African Film Festival Texas, The Black Film Summit, Black Writers Weekend Festival, and CKF International Film Festival. The film’s remarkable craftsmanship and unique vision have garnered several awards at these festivals, a testament to its appeal.

Mark Cofie Jnr., the film’s writer and director, expressed his excitement about the film’s recognition, stating, “It’s an honour to know that the film has not just been selected but is also in award contention”

“This film was made as a pure labour of love as we worked on building a team for our future projects and it is exciting to see it being received well at festivals”. he added.

“Captain’s Corner” is produced by production studio Organized Khaoz Ltd which is the brainchild of Mark Cofie Jr.

Mark’s foray into filmmaking began with his love for movies, gradually evolving into a burning passion that led him to serve as an Executive Producer for his inaugural film ‘14:32.’

As his journey unfolded, he ventured into diverse territories, including producing music videos, crafting short films, curating engaging TV and web series, and eventually venturing into the realm of writing. This creative trajectory culminated in creating a compelling screenplay for a full-length feature film, setting the stage for his momentous directorial debut with the 2020 project ‘The Unit – Take Down.’

Through this production company, his mission unfurls – to unearth latent talent, nurture its growth, and propel it onto the global stage.

The Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF) stands as a celebration of diverse and inclusive cinema. With a legacy spanning 7 years, TINFF has been a beacon for creative, independent filmmaking that champions diversity, innovation, and uniqueness.

TINFF 2023 is set to grace the captivating city of Toronto from September 17 to 24, 2023

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