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ROVERMAN Marks 15th Anniversary with Play ‘NAKED IN BED’.



In a commemoration of their 15 years of creative journey, ROVERMAN PRODUCTIONS brings forth the play ‘NAKED IN BED’. Originating from the imaginative mind of playwright and counsellor James Ebo Whyte, this remarkable theatrical journey began on September 6th, 2008. As promised, every quarter since then has seen the unveiling of a new play, a tradition that continues with ‘NAKED IN BED‘.

NAKED IN BED‘ narrates the tale of Samson, ensnared on the brink of his wedding when his fiancée stumbles upon him in a seemingly compromising situation with her best friend, Mercedes. As expected, this discovery prompts his fiancée, Vicky, to call off the impending wedding. Stepping into the scene comes his father, making a valiant attempt to salvage the day. This production challenges preconceived notions, reminding us that appearances can be deceiving and urging introspection into our intimate decisions, for they hold a deeper spiritual significance.

Join the audience for ‘NAKED IN BED‘ premiering at the National Theatre on September 1st, 2nd, 3rd; 8th, 9th, and 10th. The performance schedule offers Friday shows at 7 p.m., Saturday matinees at 4 pm evening shows at 8 pm, and a trio of Sunday performances at 1 pm, 4 pm, and 8 pm. 

The admission fee is set at GHc150, and to secure your place, simply dial *365*535# for ticket reservations.

This event is proudly supported by esteemed sponsors including GCB Bank, Gino Tomato Mix, Ebony Condoms, and Mnotify, whose contributions make this celebration of 15 years in the arts even more remarkable.

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