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Ghana’s AnimaxFYB Studios Unveils Official Promotional Video for Mimi Plange x Nike LeBron ‘Ceremony’ Sneaker Release



Accra, Ghana — 08 / 09 / 2023

Ghana’s esteemed animation powerhouse, AnimaxFYB Studios, proudly announces the release of its latest creation: the official promotional video for the highly anticipated Mimi Plange x Nike LeBron ‘Ceremony’ sneaker. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the world of African animation and sports fashion.

The Mimi Plange x Nike LeBron 20 collaboration showcases exquisite floral embroidery adorning the entire white-based upper, complemented by striking infrared accents on the iconic Swoosh logos, tongue, and sock liner. Plange’s distinctive logo is elegantly featured on both the footbed and heel tab, adding a personal touch to this extraordinary design.

The AnimaxFYB team enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to craft this video, viewing it not only as a project but as a cultural endeavour to bring creativity back to its roots. Drawing inspiration from the revered sacred rocks with deep ritualistic significance in West Africa, the animation incorporates ancient insibidi (from the Igbo tribe) and adinkra (Akan tribe) symbols. Each symbol intricately reflects a distinct facet of the shoe brand, ingeniously linking it to the legacy of LeBron James. “Beyond a mere sneaker, our design concept seeks to encapsulate the essence of life’s journey, leadership, energy, and love, all rooted in the unshakable foundation of its alter ego, LeBron James” – Francis Y. Brown the Creative Director noted.

Grateful for the privilege of contributing to this monumental project, AnimaxFYB Studios looks forward to further collaborations shortly. The ‘Ceremony’ sneaker is now available for purchase, inviting enthusiasts to experience the fusion of art, culture, and athleticism.

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About AnimaxFYB Studios

AnimaxFYB Studios is West Africa’s leading and award-winning Animation and visual effects studio based in Accra, Ghana. With the mission to create and export authentic African content that showcases African stories and imagination for profit on both local and global markets.

About Mimi Plange x Nike LeBron ‘Ceremony’ Sneaker

Mimi Plange crafted a “Ceremony” colourway of LeBron’s 20th signature sneaker that connects his legacy in basketball. The design considers LeBron’s Journey as the most-anticipated draft prospect of all time to a wise veteran and notes its similarities to the youth-to-elder transformation celebrated by the Maasai people of Africa.

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