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Movie Review: Boonie Bears: Back to Earth – An Action-Packed Adventure Filled with Laughter and Whizzy Animation



Boonie Bears: Back to Earth” takes audiences on a thrilling and humorous ride, showcasing the misadventures of the lovable bears’ Bramble and Briar. Directed by Huida Lin, this animated film blends high-energy action, colourful characters, and impressive animation to deliver an entertaining experience. 

While it offers plenty of strengths, it does have a few weaknesses that prevent it from reaching its full potential which could make it a formidable competitor for other animation franchises of its calibre.

One of the film’s greatest strengths lies in its animation quality. The visuals are top-notch, with vibrant colours and attention to detail. The character designs are charming, and the animation captures their personalities and physical comedy brilliantly. The word building is also exceptionally done presenting a very well-detailed world for the entire story. 

The animated film also has some fast-paced action sequences that include exhilarating chases to comical set-pieces that keep the audience engaged throughout the film.

The voice acting is another highlight, with the cast delivering enjoyable performances. The chemistry between Bramble and Briar is heartwarming, and their interactions provide genuine moments of humour and friendship. Avi, the alien cat, adds a quirky and endearing dynamic to the group, and the voice work brings out the unique traits of each character.

The film’s humour is a significant strength, incorporating both physical comedy and witty dialogue. Slapstick moments and hilarious mishaps generate genuine laughter, appealing to both children and adults alike. The comedic timing is well-executed, enhancing the overall entertainment value of the film.

Boonie Bears: Back to Earth also benefits from a well-paced narrative. The plot keeps the audience invested, blending elements of adventure, sci-fi, and comedy seamlessly. The story’s simplicity, centred around Bramble’s unwavering love for ice cream and the bears’ quest to protect their forest home, resonates with viewers of all ages.

While the film excels in many aspects, there are a few weaknesses that should be acknowledged. 

Firstly, some of the action sequences, particularly in the climactic finale, can become excessively destructive and overwhelming. Although this may appeal to some audiences, it can be a bit intense for younger viewers.

Additionally, the film’s themes could have been further developed. While it briefly touches on environmental concerns, it lacks depth in exploring these ideas. The potential for a more substantial message about conservation and the importance of nature is somewhat missed.

 The plot occasionally feels disjointed, particularly during the moon interlude. The narrative transitions between different locations and conflicts without always establishing strong connections. A tighter and more cohesive storyline would have enhanced the overall storytelling experience.

Nonetheless, Boonie Bears: Back to Earth is a delightful animated adventure that successfully combines action, humour, and heart. The film’s stunning animation, lovable characters, and well-timed comedy contribute to its entertainment value. While it falls short of fully exploring its themes and occasionally suffers from excessive destruction, these flaws do not overshadow the overall enjoyment of the film. It certainly has the potential to compete with other animation franchises from bigger and widely known animation studios. 

I would rate this a well-deserved 8/10. With its high-energy antics and engaging storyline, it proves to be an entertaining choice for audiences of all ages. Even with its original language being  Chinese, you can still enjoy it with the English dubbing and not miss a single beat.

Whether you’re a fan of the previous Boonie Bears installments that have been around since 2012  0r discovering it for the first time, this animated adventure will leave you with laughter, excitement, and a newfound appreciation for these heroes.

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