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Begho becomes The First Ghanaian Animation Film To Headline A Film Festival In The Country.



The animation film Begho is one of the two films made under the initiative of the french embassy in Ghana to support higher education and research in heritage and tourism in Ghana.

Begho, a market town: Tells the story of one of Africa’s biggest markets in the 16th Century situated right here in Ghana. Begho market attracted all types of traders from North Africa, Europe, India and other parts of Africa to come trade. The market can be located at the Middle Western part of the country. The story is told through grandma Akasi our lead character who walks us through her experience at Begho market when she visited with her Uncle when she was a child.

The animation is a co-production project between Animaxfyb Studios and Past and Curious (a french animation studio) and it was researched and written by Daniel Kumah, Victoria Aryee and Robin Brunner for the Archeology department of the University of Ghana, Legon. Begho is one out of 3 short animations produced on the Sankofa projects.

The film opened the 2nd edition of the European Film Festival Ghana (EUFF). In attendance at the opening ceremony held at the Goethe Institut, Accra where diplomatic attaches and delegations from the various European embassy’s in Ghana.

Francis Y. Brown, team lead and creative director of the animation studio behind this film, describes Begho as an educational piece targeting the general citizens of ghana especially teenagers and young adults.

Animaxfyb Studios is currently touted as West Africa’s leading and recognized studio for animation, visual effects, and design. In 2020 the studio made history by becoming the first African animation studio to independently produce Mmofra, a long format kid’s content that is currently available on Amazon Prime.


The Euro Film Fest Ghana which is in its 2nd edition is opened to the general public and all film enthusiasts with screenings from 11th September to 18th September. The festival is organized in cooperation with CineEuropa and is aimed at fostering cultural exchange, collaboration, and cooperation amongst Ghana filmmakers and their European counterparts.

All the official selections for this year would be screening at the Goethe Institut, Accra starting at 6:30 pm each night.

Visit for the full schedule of screenings and events.

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