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Ghana’s Oscar Submission ‘Azali’ to be released on Netflix on 7th February



Ananse Entertainment’s feature film “AZALI” which happens to be Ghana’s official submission for the Oscars 2020 is set to be officially released on streaming service, Netflix starting on 7th of February.

In Azali, AMINA,14, a native of Northern Ghana, has her whole life ahead of her until her mother makes a decision that changes all that. Faced with a choice of perceived hopelessness, marrying Amina to a much older man or sending her off to work in Burkina Faso, she chooses the latter. Which unknown to her happens to be a child smuggling syndicate. Amina together with the other victims are rescued and sent to an orphanage for resettlement to their various homes, but by some cruel twist of fate, Amina follows some child veterans of the home to Accra in search of a better life. Faced with hopelessness ones again, will Amina find her way home?

This debut feature film from director Kwabena Gyansah with screen play written by Wanda Quartey stars, Asana Alhasan, Akofa Edjeani, Adjetey Anang, Mohammed Halfiz, Peter Ritchie and Ama K. Abebrese.

A post sighted on the official instagram handle of the director, Kwabena Gyansah made this announcement known.

The drama piece mostly set in the Northern part of Ghana uses Dagbaani, Akan and Pidgin English as its primary dialogue and would be supported with English subtitles.

Although failing to make it the final shortlist for Best International Feature Film at the 2020 Oscars, Azali is one of the recent Ghanaian films that shows growth and limitless prospects of the evolving film space. The film joins the likes of Shirley Frimpong Manso‘s Potato Potahto and Peter Sedufia’s Keteke and Sidechic Gang which are also available on the streaming services.

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