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Moive Review: Scare Package – A Special Delivery For Horror Fans



Scare Package, directed by Aaron B. Koontz and Cameron Burns, is a horror comedy anthology that pays homage to the genre while delivering an entertaining and engaging experience. 

From the first frame, it becomes evident that the film is a labour of love for horror enthusiasts, capturing the essence of the genre whilst also acknowledging the fervent followers of the genre. With its clever blend of humour, gore, and meta-storytelling, Scare Package offers a fun and nostalgic journey into the world of horror. It feels immediately like a crash course of a masterclass on the genre taking advantage of all the areas and elements that make up the genre. 

One of the film’s greatest strengths lies in its ability to embrace the horror community. It understands that being a horror fan goes beyond a mere appreciation for the genre—it’s a shared experience, a language, and a set of rules. ‘Scare Package’ brilliantly weaves together various short horror segments into an overarching story, highlighting different subgenres and paying homage to classic tropes. 

This approach creates a sense of nostalgia and camaraderie, appealing to viewers who can identify and appreciate the nods and references throughout the film.

The anthology format of Scare Package is however not executed well enough. Each segment is directed by a different filmmaker, resulting in a diverse range of storytelling styles and tones. The transitions between the segments feel a bit too disjointed. Making it a bit difficult to follow for the average viewer.

The element of surprise is strong in this film, especially with how the segments are pieced together. It takes a bit of work to figure out and notice the switch in stories if you are not paying close enough attention to the film. 

As the film progresses, what keeps you most engaged is the unpredictability of the film. You are constantly kept guessing what type of horror style or theme would be tackled next. This too could prove confusing for some viewers who might want to see this film looking for something specific and intentional. 

Nonetheless, the performances in Scare Package are strong and contribute to the film’s overall quality. The character of Chad, portrayed by a charismatic actor, serves as the anchor for the story as the owner of Rad Chad’s Horror Emporium. His passion for the genre and encyclopedic knowledge of horror films make him an endearing and relatable protagonist. The chemistry between Chad and the new employee adds an extra layer of charm, providing moments of humour and suspense that drive the plot forward. Chat and the new employee are the anchors that hold everything else together. Other than that, this could have easily been described as a random collection of sampled horror classics.

Scare Package cleverly plays with audience expectations and takes familiar horror scenarios in unexpected directions. It simultaneously celebrates and pokes fun at the genre in typical slapstick comedic fashion. By doing so, the film provides a delightful mix of horror and comedy, keeping the viewers entertained and ensuring an enjoyable experience that they would want to sit through to the end.

The film’s biggest flaw would have to be the inconsistency and unevenness of the segments. With some having pacing issues or weaker writing compared to others. And in several cases, you are not immediately able to tell when there has been a switch to another story. 

I will score this film 6/10 for its ability to hold you hostage and keep you interested to even sit through the end credits.

In conclusion, Scare Package is a delightful horror-comedy anthology that would forever remain a must-watch for horror enthusiasts and a great introduction for those new to the genre. It provides a truly unique nostalgic experience than anything else you might have seen. 

SCARE PACKAGE – Official Trailer from Paper Street Pictures on Vimeo.


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